tutorial: how to install Facebook Home on ALL Android devices

From 12 Apr. Facebook Home is available for some Android devices in the U.S. market. Using the guide iSocial you will discover how to install Facebook Home tabled on any smartphone or Android immediately!

As we already described in our article: “Facebook presents Facebook Home! The real innovation unexpected!” , Facebook Home would be available from 12 April 2013 on Play Market Google USA only on some devices Android, and in the specific: HTC One, HTC ON X, Samsung GALAXY S III, Samsung GALAXY S4, Samsung Galaxy Notes II.

Facebook Home goes to create an intermediate level between the user interface of your phone and the OS.

facebook_home_phoneThrough this simple leadership We will see how install Facebook Home on any smartphone and Android tablet (You can therefore install Facebook Home immediately on GALAXY S, SII, Experia, Note, Samsung Tablet Tab 2, ASUS, etc..). The proceeding was made by Paul O'Brien, the founder of MoDaCo.

tutorial: How to install Facebook Home in any Android smartphone or tablet device

1) First of all you need to uninstall it from your Android device on which you want to install Facebook Home:

  • application Facebook
  • application Facebook Messenger

2) you have to makethe Facebook downloads Home and version “modified” of Facebook and Facebook Messenger and later install. In most of the devices will simply click on the links below for Download Facebook Home and .APK files of Facebook and Facebook Messenger. Once downloaded simply click on it and choose to install:


Once downloaded and installed all three files, you ritroverete 3 new icons in your device:

  • Facebook
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Facebook Home

3) L'emergence main Facebook app, please login with your account and abilitate Facebook Home in this way:

  • open the left bar (to be clear that where you see your profile, news, Posts, events, chat, etc..)
  • scroll to the bottom until you find “Account” and choose “Applications settings”
  • here enabled the voice “Attiva Facebook Home” (down)

Ora aprite he app “Home” with the icon round of Facebook and you have already provided Home Facebook on your Android device!

When you click on the button “home” on your Android smartphone or tablet you will be shown a warning that asks if you want to use from now on the classic “home” your device or use as their home “Facebook Home“:


We recommend using (want to try it at all) “Facebook home” and tick the box to remember this choice.

tutorial: how to disable Facebook Home:

No fear, Home if Facebook will not satisfy you at all you can always return to your original classic home of your device, going into the Facebook app settings (as shown in point 3) of this guide) disabilitando and Facebook Home.

Come si usa Facebook Home?

The use of Facebook is not really intuitive to Home 100%. We give you some tips on basic come share Facebook Home:

  • the whole operation is done by dragging the small circular icon that is located on the bottom:
  • dragging it to the left you will access to Messenger that incorporates both Facebook posts that SMS
  • dragging it to the top you go to the application manager to Facebook (you can practically see the “pages” with your applications, Senza with widget)
  • dragging it to the right you can reopen the application used utima.

If you want a most comprehensive guide on how to use Facebook Home.. continuate a seguirci!

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