tutorial: how to delete a backup from iTunes

It can happen that you have used your computer to back up your iPhone or iPad to friends, to have little space available on the disk and you want to do a little’ cleaning by deleting the iTunes backup to free up space.
Let's see how you can identify and delete a backup of iPhone and iPad in the iTunes safely.

tutorial: how to delete a backup from iTunes

If you want to delete a backup created by iTunes from your computer, just follow this guide:
Open iTunes Preferences:

  • Windows: choose Edit > Preferences
  • Mac: Choose iTunes > Preferences

Click Devices (No need to connect your iOS device).
When you place your mouse cursor over a backup, iTunes will display the phone number, the IMEI code and the serial number of the iPhone that have been backed up (iTunes only displays the serial number for the iPad and iPod touch). Use this procedure to locate the backup for your iOS device you want to delete:

Select the backup you want to remove, then click Delete backup.

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