Add to Guida iPhone iPad iOS Jailbreak 7.1.1

As we have already announced, Question ha rilasciato un tool per per jailbreak iOS unthetered 7.1.1.
Below you will find the guide to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, After downloading the tool.

The link to download the tool is present in our “Jailbreak iOS 7.1.1: Pangu has released a new tool for unlocking unthethered iPhone and iPad” before continuing with this guide to jailbreak, make sure you have downloaded clicking here.


We recommend, always eats, to run the jailbreak the iOS 7.1.1 only if you have a good knowledge of the subject and know what you are doing.
Before running the iPhone Unlock we recommend:

  • perform a backup to iCloud and on a computer
  • remove any lock code from the device provides guidance on iOS jailbkreak using the tool Question tested and working, but does not assume any responsibility for any damage or block devices.

Guide to jailbreak the iPhone and iPad with iOS 7.1.1 with the Pangu tools


1)Pangu Jailbreak iOS 7.1.1 iSocial GUIDA double-click the executable file Pangu_v1.0.exe

2) When you open the tool, if you do not have the Chinese character set installed on your computer, you will see strange characters, ma not preccoupatevi.. even if there were Chinese characters, what is written would not be more understandable :) You can still proceed by connecting your iPhone to your computer via USB cable. The iPhone will be recognized.

3) uncheck infer on the window. This will avoid installing additional applications Chinese (pirate app store). We recommend that you do not install, then uncheck (you will see a black circle as shown in the figure and click on the black button on the right (high) Pangu Jailbreak iOS 7.1.1 iSocial GUIDA