Russian hackers steal over a billion password. Yours is safe?

An important company that operates in the field of security has unveiled the largest computer theft operation of more than one billion Internet users. This is a group of hackers based in Russia.As stated by the company Hold Security ’, that led a ’ investigation lasted more than a year and a half, It was discovered a colossal credential theft (user, password, personal data, email addresses, cell phone numbers, account, etc..) run over the course of months by a Russian hacker group.

How was it possible to steal these passwords?

Hackers have developed a “botnet” Thanks to the spread of a specific virus: thousands of computers worldwide, controlled by this virus, and without the real user knew, have checked in turn thousands of servers (Web servers) alla ricerca di buchi di sicurezza (specifically SQL Injection).
When a computer is infected with the virus found a security flaw in a server, e penetrated “copied” the data in the database (then the password, and many other user data).

And’ been estimated that the botnet was able to “extort” data from over 420.000 servers in the world

The group of Hacker, which was “virtually” identified is formed by a docina of guys around 20 years.

Therefore.. if you have not changed your password the most important (home banking, credit cards, paypal, ebay, etc.…) recently.. this is a good time to do so!