You have a tattoo? The new Apple Watch might not work well!

It is not the usual hoax, the news also came out in an Apple press release: some types of in the area of the wrist tattoos might limit the operation of the new Apple Watch.Among the various features of’Apple Watch, ci sono una serie di sensori montati sulla cassa posteriore dello smart-orologio direttamente a contatto con la pelle che permettono di rilevare il battito cardiaco utilizzando i raggi infrarossi.

And’ the same Apple account: “Permanent or temporary changes in your skin, as some tattoos, they can affect the performance of the heart rate sensor-writes the web site – Some ink tattoos can block light from the sensor, This makes it difficult to get reliable readings”

applewatch_2The problem mainly occurs with tattoos “full” and filled with dark colours.
Some dark color prevents pigmentation to infrared to penetrate and then provide all ’ Apple Watch information necessary to detect the frequency or the State of health of the wearer.

No problem, of course, for those with the skin “Dark” of course!