Personal HotSpot in iOS 8: disappeared? The guide to reactivate

Where did the personal hotspot after upgrading to iOS8? Many users are asking for clarification on how re-enable the Personal Hotspot on iPhone disappeared after upgrading to iOS8. And’ very simple: follow the guide!Let's assume that this problem does not affect all users: depends configuration of your iPhone before upgrading to iOS 8, by your service provider and the type of SIM that you have entered.

Note: What is the function HotSpot Staff?
Personal Hotspot allows you to connect your computer to the Internet and devices through the mobile data connection of your iPhone. Put simply allow others (who know the password that you set) to connect to the internet via your iPhone.

Either way, the problem of’hotspot disappeared on iPhone after upgrading to iOS8 (especially for the operator WIND) is easily solved by following these simple steps.

  1. from the Settings menu, andare in “Mobile phone”
  2. scroll down and select “Cellular Data Network”
  3. check the data entered in the “MOBILE DATA” / APN. This field should be enhanced with the internet access point provided by your operator as you can see in the example with WIND:
  4. scroll down to the section “HOTSPOT personale”
  5. fill in the field APN with the same value in the APN field in the DATA section CELL point 3 as shown in figure:
  6. go back, now in Settings / Mobile reappearance find the voice “Personal hotspot

Configuring APN standards for the various operators:

  • APN Wind: the Internet wind.
  • Vodafone APN:
  • APN Tre H3G:
  • APN Tim: