Facebook Unveils HTC first: the first device with integrated Facebook Home

During event l' 4 April, Facebook unveiled the new platform Facebook Home. During the presentation it was revealed the long-awaited HTC first: the first device with Facebook Home natively integrated.

The new HTC first è dunque quello che era stato definito nei giorni scorsi il new Facebook Phone and will be available in the United States since 14 April to price 99,99 Us $ (This is obviously a price tied to a data plan from AT&T)

htc-first9999What's really innovative HTC first?

Actually it is a normal smartphone with Android. Si tratta semplicemente del primo smartphone a presentarsi con la nuova interfaccia Facebook Home (view review in this article: Facebook presents Home! The real innovation unexpected! )

For the rest, do not expect anything truly innovative in new HTC first, indeed, the technical characteristics should be well below the top of the range iPhone and Samsung GALAXY SIII (S4)

HTC definisce il suo nuovo HTC first “the best Facebook experience” (the best Facebook experience) and declares that it is the only first HTC phone with preloaded Facebook Home. Moreover, the new HTC should be optimized to provide an extremely smooth with Facebook Home.

To “optimized” means that notifications to SMS and Mail will arrive directly through Facebook Home and not with the usual Android notification system.

Also remember that Facebook Home will also be available for other Android devices: potete vedere la lista completa aggiornata ad ora alla fine del nostro articolo Facebook presents Home! The real innovation unexpected!

We wonder.. se sia proprio necessario per un telefono avere un’integrazione così spinta con Facebook ?

Recall that succeed via Facebook Facebook Home to get more and more information on the lives of its members, be managed at the level of marketing and advertising.

Thanks to this Facebook event, HTC is definitely that AT&T had the largest audience of “followers” of their history.

Facebook is no doubt that with a “partnership” very profitable.