The refurbished products from Apple now selling on eBay

The refurbished products from Apple from today you can buy on eBay. The dealer who opened the page dedicated to certify that all Apple products are certified and receive a one-year warranty. Also ipad and iPod have new batteries.

Obviously Apple has sponsored this initiative, since on the official store has its own dedicated pages offer Refurbished. It is simply a page of a retailer (refurbished outlet) specializing in the sale of such articles – which has the 99,7% positive feedback.

I prodotti ricondizionati di apple

The new eBay page

Recall that for reconditioned product means a recycled system because returns from companies and private individuals in exchange rates or commodity left to the dealer due to malfunction. The difference compared to used is that it is always systems repaired, cleaned and fully functional, you can not resell as new. Are covered small scratches or minor cosmetic damage, but the manufacturer has to ensure the smooth functioning and intact structure of the chassis. You can compare all the effects of the guaranteed to used car dealerships.

For the moment there are no products available on eBay page at issue, but only the window with the three categories treated: ipad, MacBook and iPod. The same that are available on the Apple site, where he is currently on offer are a ipad 2 Refurbished the 16 GB Wi-Fi + 3G a 389 Euro, and a third-generation iPad Wi-Fi + 3G 32 GB 469 Euro.

I prodotti ricondizionati di apple

Apple also sells riconodizionati on the official website.

As for the notebook, instead, official Apple website you can buy a Macbook Air Refurbished Core i CPU 5 the 1.7 GHz to 1259 Euro, or a Macbook Pro with Core i7 2.3 GHz to 2019 Euro.

If you are interested in the new initiative eBay Consider the offerings of the house of Cupertino and always compare them to assess the true benefit. Of course, many users, even private, that feed the offers of used: the market is large and it is difficult to obtain better prices between private, but without the guarantees offered by reconditioned.