Are your friends always beating you? Maybe they use Ruzzle Tricks! [updated]

Ruzzle in few weeks is getting more and more players. For those not familiar Ruzzle is a very simple game similar to the lyricist. Allows you to challenge friends.. but very often we come resoundingly beaten because someone uses Ruzzle tricks!
The article was recently updated with the latest news!

Ruzzle is available for both devices iphone/iPad and for Android.

Ruzzle-demoRuzzle also allows you to connect to your account Facebook and to publish the bulletin board your wins against your Facebook friends. Perhaps it is for this reason, that the war has led to the victories of the talented developers to implement the Ruzzle tricks.

All solutions that help you to find the words with a higher score are based on the same technique:

  • you can see the screen with the letters at the beginning of the match
  • suspend time
  • look for the best words aided by tools that we will see below
  • to resume the game and win against your opponent by inserting the words found.

To date, the only way to pause playing Ruzzle and have the opportunity to take it at exactly the point of departure is to receive a call.

But be careful: when the game is paused the screen turns black, therefore it is necessary to write down the letters are arranged as soon as the game begins (maybe doing a screenshot-screen- which will end up in your collection of photographs).

ruzzle-cheatsThese Ruzzle tricks, if you do not like cheating, you can use it to work out to find the best words ever.

For example Ruzzle Solver: is really well done, use a dictionary very large and shows the path to do to get the words. Simply insert the letters that appear at the beginning of the match.. and Ruzzle Solver will do the rest.

Tool also Oceanor Ruzzle Cheater not bad, even if the graphics is a bit’ Most Wanted:



Ruzzle for iPhone:

Ruzzle MAG Interactive Category: Games, Board Games, Word Games
Evaluation: 4+
Version: 2.2.19

Ruzzle for Android:

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There are also free apps for Ruzzle as Cheater (Free for iOS ) and Ruzzle Solver (free su Android) that calculate the best words taking up the game plan directly from a photo:



The application of tricks involves quite a commitment.. no Vale the virtue of hard?
Perhaps it is better to play normally, there is more taste without using tricks, not ?


If you like to win, but in an ethical way, then read these tips for our Ruzzle to win without cheating and without using cheats:

  1. at the end of the round click below at the bottom of this screen is where all the words that were present in the context. The dictionary of ruzzle it's crazy and you'll be amazed how many words you did not know exist!
  2. To see the words of the various turns with your opponent a game ended then click on one of the three rounds, you will find a list of words that you have found you and your opponent (screen to unlock). Many times you repeat the Exchequer.. store them the words and use them in later games!
  3. Are you in a place or situation that prevents you from concentrating? Be called by someone close to you. The game will stop and you can resume it at a later time.
  4. In the first two rounds so many short words make more points than a few short words, so get used to flush out many monosyllabic words and / or syllable.
  5. In the third round, where instead score multipliers are important concentrate on the letters with them and try not to waste time with words without multiplier, because a word from 200-300 Points can change a game, a thirty-much less:
    • DL doubles the value of the letter on which is placed
    • TL triples the value of the letter on which and place
    • DW doubles the points of the word in which the letter on which it is placed is used
    • TW triples the points of the word in which the letter on which it is placed is used
  6. The verbs and adjectives are the best words: have many variables maintaining the same root.. sfruttatele all! BEAUTIFUL – BEAUTIFUL – BELLI – BEAUTIFUL – BELLINO – BELLINI – etc...
  7. Opponents with the yellow smiley face are usually newbies, those with the smiley taken from the set of Halloween are generally dangerous opponents because this set is available with the full version (available for a fee) which is often purchased by fans and in which statistics are available that force players to be more competitive.
  8. The words with highest score are those that allow you to combine different multipliers with high scores, also have to be careful often the same letters have different multipliers, and the same word spelled in different ways or not taking advantage of the best multipliers (in generating DW e TW) leads to very different scores!