The key with chip in gift, to follow you and rob you

We are coming up several reports of a message that is recovering to circulate on Facebook and via email that warns you against malicious give Keychain equipped with a chip able to follow our movements, to wait for the right time, follow us and rob us.

This is the text that, with some variations is circulating, with a large diffusion, in online, in the Facebook message boards, Twitter and email.

«IMPORTANT MESSAGE! Attention these days are distributed key-chains to be hooked inside your car; people I offer them for free at parking lots or gas stations….NOT accept them…they contain a microchip within the gadget. These criminals then you follow up at home and are aware of your movements and then perform intrusion and theft. According to the Police, It is Romanian bands»

With some variations:

These days in the parking areas and petrol stations some people will give free key chain for car or motorcycle,
Or throw them ABSOLUTELY NOT accept them VIA!
In them there is a microchip that signals your presence in the house, outputs when they are aware of where you are at that moment and can enter your home without worries.
This is the last thought of some criminals from Eastern Europe to make theft in our homes. From a reliable source…..


The instinct to share and feel good Samaritan to help our neighbor (?!? only in these cases..) , as is always the case, pushing for action before you use your head.


Reflecting a little spontaneous arise some questions of logic and other technological in nature.

For a start, Although the keychain is reporting that the victim is away from home, as do the bad guys to be sure that in the meantime at his home there is someone else? They should be hundreds to keep an eye on every person who gave the elusive key.

In addition to the most technology has not gone unnoticed that if the thieves had a provision of a technology capable of holding a GPS transmitter (by geolocation satellite), a power source of long duration, a data transmitter (to send the location to thieves) In the restricted space of a keychain and at a price so low to be able to give to thousands of people.. then they would not need to steal! Would be sufficient to knock on the door of any large-scale manufacturer in the technology sector for living in luxury for a lifetime.. and without risk!

In each buffalo appears then the same matrix: missing the official source ("According to the police 'does not mean anything) and there is the trigger: the phobia of "gangs of Romanians'.

The ingredients are all there: it is a BUFFALO!

Do not share it and distribute these false news.

Do not do as a police officer in the canton of Ticino (Switzerland) who received the news from acquaintances via email and lightness and distraction has forwarded to colleagues and friends using their official email address of police work Helvetic, unintentionally creating certainties exist: “if I shot a police officer must be true”.

It is very important to avoid using your work address to forward calls or alarms, because it is liable to confirm alarms actually fake and involved in a hoax or a false alarm in the name of your company or institution with which you work.