How to use iMessage on Android: attention!

Some users have reported the possibility of using iMessage on Android. The iMessage feature native of Apple devices (iPhone and iPad) allows you to exchange text messages and photos among Apple devices is now available on Android _ beware.. there may be some pitfalls.Apple's iMessage uses your iTunes account, which is associated with one or more email addresses and mobile numbers. The Apple servers can therefore allow the exchange of messages through their servers, using the Internet network, saving you the cost of the telephone operators for SMS and MMS.

When you send a message iMessage, actually your iPhone or iPad device authenticates itself to the server with your Apple iTunes credentials and has been until now that the constraint that prevented use iMessage on other devices such as Android.
A few days of Google Play Market is available app called IMessage Chat for Android.

The Android app iMessage Chat un'interfaccia per ha molto simile a quella per iPhone e iPad allows e anche di utilizzo the Emoticon, we think giving a little’ look for abnormal Android app.
The application, tested with a test account is working properly iTunes, but let us see how:

  • app Android iMessage requires, during the configuration phase, enter the dates of your iTunes account: username and password. This data is stored directly on the application.
  • To send messages, The app connects directly with the Apple server, pretending to iPad Mini
  • The application forwards the communications back from Apple (such as messages received) on a server in China, probably belong to the author of the app.
  • From this server responses are sorted and forwarded (with push notifications) on your mobile phone.

>The problems that might occur when using iMessage for Android are quite different and important:

  • you will not be just you to know your credentials iTunes: these could be saved by the author of the app iMessage for Android ( and remind you that knowing your iTunes credentials someone might use it to make purchases on the iTunes App Store or by using the data of your credit card stored in your account)
  • the messages exchanged with friends passing on a server in China, in which could be saved indefinitely
  • iMessage also in the app for Android devices, has detected a component capable of downloading and installing in the background (then without your consent) other apps and run them on your mobile phone. This could also be used for malicious purposes such as running virus, trojan or software to steal passwords of your accounts.

Although the trust will be short lived app on Google Play Market, if you want to try it you should do so using iTunes credential created specifically for this, and absolutely do not use your true especially if you have credentials stored within your account data of credit cards.

To download iMessage for Android directly from Google Play Market:

Android Market badge

for your safety, you should read the article thoroughly before downloading iMessage for Android

Our advice: there are so many free texting app with your friends, and are widespread (more than iMessage), first of all, WhatsApp: those used, are certainly safer and tested.