Import events into Google Calendar extensively with csv

Google Calendar expects to import appointments from a .csv file (comma separated value), but the operation is not among the easiest because of the many restrictions from Google. Below we will explain step-by-step how to import massively pass appointments in Google Calendar.

If you need to load different events on your Google Calendar, you are tired of having to do it manually, event by event: let's see how create a text file in csv format to load the massively events to Google Calendar.

If you have already tried this import getting annoying error “Zero events processed. Cannot import events: Cannot process the iCal file/CSV.. ” then this guide is for you.

The first step is to understand what fields and in what order they should be placed from the file to allow Google Calendar import correctly.
These fields to include in the first line of the CSV file:

Subject,Start Date,Start Time,End Date,End Time,All Day Event,Description

Below the specification fields:

  • Start Date and End Date must be expressed in mm/dd/yyyy
  • Start Time and End Time must be expressed in hh:mm
  • All Day Event should be set to TRUE for events lasting a full day, otherwise it is set to FALSE

Here's an example of a properly functioning file that allows the insertion of two events:

Subject,Start Date,Start Time,End Date,End Time,All Day Event,Description of test Event,07/27/2015,13:00,07/28/2015,14:00,FALSE,Event description second event,07/28/2015,,07/29/2015,,TRUE,Event description 2

Click here to download the test files in .csv format

Here are some basic rules for import events through csv into Google Calendar:

  • the field “Description” It is not mandatory
  • for events lasting a day are not required now and start end
  • If the end date is omitted, the event will take the last one day

The imported file must have the extension “.CSV” Therefore, if you create the file with “Notepad”, upon saving, When you type the file name, type the extension .csv and enclose all in double quotes: “prova.csv” (quotes including).

To facilitate the creation of csv file we created an Excel file:

  • fill events and space times highlighted in blue
  • Once the compilation select the column highlighted in yellow and paste it in Notepad
  • Save the Notepad as explained above

Download the Excel file Google Calendar Events (in format 2003 for compatibility)

The file is locked to prevent an improper talking compromise the functioning, If you want to unlock it to modify the capabilities you can follow our guide: How To Remove Password Excel spreadsheets blocked: leadership

How to import a .csv file into Google Calendar:

Once you have a .csv file (as from previous notes) You can compare it with the above event to see if it is consistent.

To import the .csv file into your Google Calendar You can follow these simple steps:

  1. Entries in Google Calendar with your account
  2. In the left menu, scroll to “Other calendars” and press the button with the side triancolino
  3. Select “Import Calendar”
  4. Using the button “Browse” Choose the file to be imported and the schedule on which you want to save the events
  5. Press “Ok” and the data will be loaded!


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