Instagram: see the photos taken around you

You are on vacation, in a new city and want to see is beautiful around you? Here are some app for iPhone and Android free apps and web that allow you to see the photos Instagram shot near you or in a place or specific location.

Since Instagram has introduced in August, the gelocalizzazione, in every photo is saved to the location where it was taken.

While waiting for this to be integrated permanently in Instagram, there are several free services that allow you to take advantage of the geolocation of Instagram and to see the photos taken at a specific location.

If you want to scroll through the photos posted on Instagram using as a key the place where you are or a place of your choice, here is how to make!
InstaRadarInstaradar (iPhone and iPad/ Price: free the lite version or the full version € 0.89)

InstaRadar allows you to search for photos in Instagram geographically, specifying the location‘, or globally using simple keywords. The difference between the Lite version and pay respect to banner ads in the Lite version. It allows you to save photos that are displayed and to set a search radius, the 1 a 5 kilometers, from the selected point and the number of photos to be displayed, the 1 a 100.


Instamap AndroidInstamap ( Android / Price: free)

Instamap allows see the photos Instagram on Android devices around you or taken in any part of the world

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WorldCam (Web app / Price: free)

And’ a site accessible from both PC and mobile. Thanks to an integration between FourSquare and Instagram, allowing the browser to detect the its position, or by typing in a specific location, shows photos of Instagram ° taken in that place even if it is closed buildings at. Access is free, without the need to log.


GramFeed Gram Feed (Web app / Price: free)

After logging in with your Instagram account allows to display a map in the photos of people you follow, or do geographical research in Instagram crossing a search filter with a place. For example: McDonald's a Venezia, Clubs in Milan, etc... GramFeed also allows you to search for a particular date the photos published in a certain place.
Even GramFeed can be used from a PC with a standard web browser or via mobile devices.