Instagram arrives for Windows Phone? Apparently so!

Last week, Facebook has finally welcomed into his family Instagram, While the most popular photo app well exceeded the figure of 5000000000 shared pictures. Now rumor that soon the Windows Phone users will be able to use Instagram, because it will be also released a version for Windows Mobile Software.

These rumors, start a promo video of the new Nokia Lumia, in which it seems that we see the app icon Instagram appear.

The much-discussed video promotes and explains how the Nokia Pure Motion, the new screen introduced by the famous Finnish, and you can see below:


The app seems that it can be also Vimeo instead of Instagram, but it seems the voice of a release of Instagram for Windows Phone has other roots.

This of course is a very good news for all users and fans of Windows Phone, because there are various applications

nokia lumia

photos for Windows Phone, Bubblegum and eats InstaCam (should be the clone of Instagram), that are available for free in the Microsoft MarketPlace, but none is able to have the success.


The problem is not redo an app that has the same characteristics of Instagram, I could do even better, otherwise Facebook would take the trouble to buy it, but the real problem lies in the users, that are already in a lot of Instagram, and it is not at all easy to talk switch from one to the other social.

And that is why Microsoft has no choice, that agreement and release of an official app Instagram for all Windows Phone.