tutorial: how to install iOS 8 Beta on iPhone

Apple released the new iOS 8 beta to their own devices. We present a short guide that will guide all’Installing iOS 8 beta on your iPhone or iPad even without being developers.

The definitive and final version of iOS 8 will be available to all users starting in autumn 2014 (approximately around the 20 th September 2014) on the following devices:

  • iphone 4S
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 5 c
  • ipad 2
  • ipad 3
  • ipad 4
  • Air iPad
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Mini 2
  • iPod Touch 5 g

Although in the early hours of the release of the beta version, anyone could install on your iOS device the new update 8 without being a developer, after a few hours from the Apple closed this security hole, performing a control of activation for only allow developers (or otherwise to anyone in possession of a UDID registered as a developer) to upgrade to the new beta.

Without having to register under the accession “Developer” Apple there are many ways to get a recording of your UDID without actually being. There are many sites that offer the UDID registration service (including for example IMZDL ( HTTPS://imzdl.com / udid.php that the cost of 8 U.S. $ allows you to register and obtain immediately the possibility to install iOS 8 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch).

Requirements for the installation of iOS 8 beta:

  • one of the devices listed above
  • iTunes updated to the latest version
  • ios updated to the latest version on your device
  • UDID valid (registered as a developer) (as indicated just above, you can get a registration for 8 Us $)
  • firmware ios 8 beta (downloaded directly from the Apple website if you are a developer, the the link to download iOS 8 beta listed on this page if you're not)

Disclaimer – Important Notes

  • The’Installing iOS 8 would beta for developers: the beta firmware may contain bugs still not fixed, which could jeopardize the functioning of the device or backup
  • Any backup performed with iOS 8 may not be compatible with iOS 7
  • If you have followed the jailbreak irretrievably lose the
  • While there is the procedure downgrade in iOS 7 there is no guarantee on the maintenance of all data. Click here to see the procedure to return to iOS 7
  • Many applications may not be fully compatible with iOS 8
  • The staff of iSocial.it assumes no responsibility for any problems that may occur during upgrade
  • The staff of iSocial.it available while updating instructions and a link does not guarantee the one2one assistance to those who were to have problems running the upgrade

Guide to install iOS 8 beta

After making sure you have all the requirements listed in the previous paragraph, Installation is very simple:

  1. Perform a backup Complete your device
  2. Charge the battery at least 80%
  3. if you have downloaded a firmware extension. extrapolated the dmg. ipsw file contained inside (should be the only file contained in the archive. dmg)
  4. connect your device to your PC or Mac and run iTunes
  5. click on the button “iPhone” (the iPad, iPod) in iTunes: a screen will appear with the stats on your device (memory in use, Free, Series, etc.…) Also from this screen, you can perform a backup (we recommend that you perform a backup on iTunes and iCloud
  6. click with the right mouse button on the UPDATE button (UPDATE) and select the file. ipsw file you downloaded previously
  7. wait patiently (may be required more than 10 minutes)
  8. if you have complied with all requirements (and especially if your UDID is registered as a developer) You are now ready to use iOS 8 beta!


If something went wrong, or if you just want to restore your device to iOS 7 officer, Click here to see the procedure to return to iOS 7