ios 7.1 for iPhone: attention to Jailbreak! Available for download!

Within a few moments it was released iOS 7.1 for iPhone. Despite the update a few days ago to iOS 7.0.6 news and they were talking about delays in iOS 7.1, the update has been prepared and is already being distributed on the iPhone. Let's see what's new in iOS 7.1.The new features of iOS 7.1 differ very little from what had been seen in the various beta versions that have announced the update today.
In reality for the average user is little new, : among them,:

  • IOS 7.1 iphone downloadimprovements to the graphical
  • the introduction of the blocco del tracking on geolocation in applications that are forcibly closed by the user
  • keyboard graphically improved with new shift keys (uppercase) e caps lock (block maiuiscole)
  • several icons revisited for the Phone app, FaceTime and Messages
  • you should record a decreases the anomalies that led to delays and sometimes to blocks iOS 7 older generations of iPhone devices (4 and 4S)
  • su Phone 5S the new update iOS 7.1 migliora anche il sensore di impronte digitali Touch ID that will be more responsive giving answers in less time.
  • for what concerns the use Professional introduces a new mode of centralized management of devices “supervisione Over the Air” che permette agli amministratori iOS di gestire pienamente i dispositivi senza la necessità di utilizzare Apple Configurator. The management will be through an MDM server

ios7.1 novitàA note of caution should be paid to the holders with iPhone iOS 7 with jailbreak.
The jailbreak the iOS 7.1 seems to have been stuck. Waiting for certainty, invite users who do not want to lose the jailbreak not to update to iOS 7.1

Recall that once performed the’iPhone update to iOS 7.1 will no longer be possible to return to 7.0 therefore can not be (at least for now) fare il jailbreak.


Currently, Apple's servers are holding good load updates: should there be any delays in the distribution we are willing to publish a link per il download di iOS 7.1.

Apparently nothing shocking, but underneath it might be hiding under other news!