you upgrade to iOS 6.1.1: updated the tool to unlock the iPhone!

Apple released the first beta of iOS 6.1.1, that does not seem to prevent the possibility of making the jailbreak to unlock the iPhone. Nevertheless, it is preferable to stay away and it is precisely for this reason has been issued a update the tool to unlock the iPhone.

The new update of Evasi0n tool to unlock the iphone, version 1.2, prevents an iPhone already unlocked with the earlier version of Evasi0n to be updated to the new firmware directly from your iPhone via WiFi. (Over the Air)

jailbreak iphoneIn addition, the new version of the tool solves the problem of the time zone that some users riscontravano: in previous versions after JB could happen to be the clock moved an hour and had to disable and re-enable the automatic time.

The official website to download the tool is

Alternate link to download the Jailbreak to unlock iPhone / iPad for Windows, Mac and Linux:

Those who have already done the jailbreak with the previous tool is not forced to re-run the release with the new version.

And’ was in fact released the update of Evasion "evasi0n 6.0-6.1 Untether"directly on Cydia. Caution, in Cydia, the tool needs to be updated, should not be reinstalled (do not remove!).

For guidance on how to unlock the iPhone with IOS 6.0 6.1 See our article: tutorial: how to unlock iphone 4, 4And S 5. Released the new Jailbreak! using the links on this page to download the new version of the tool.

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