ios su iPhone 4S: should upgrade or better to avoid? [updated]

As happens every time Apple releases a major update to iOS, it's always worth asking if you should install it on older devices or not. The risk you run is to end up with a slow device and in any case with less functionality of the newer devices that mount the same operating system. Does upgrade to an iPhone 4S to iOS 8 or it is better to avoid?The greatest risk we can take updating an obsolete device like the iPhone 4S to iOS 8 is to find ourselves a phone much slower than before.. a powder’ what has happened to those who have updated an iPhone 4 in iOS 7.

Let's assume that in the meantime a number of innovative features including those introduced by iOS 8 (you can see this in our article) are not available on the iPhone 4S:

  • TouchID (not having the fingerprint reader)
  • Airdrop
  • Metal API (software components that are able to optimize the fluidity and speed of 3D graphics)

There is also to say that iPhone 4S would still be slower than the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6: almost a quarter of the speed of the iPhone 5S and almost ten times slower than iPhone 6.

We can tell you that iOS 8 iPhone 4S does not have the devastating effects that had iOS 7 on the iPhone 4, but slowdowns can be noted. As you can see in this table, the slowdown in the opening of the app in the iPhone 4S with IOS 7 and iOS 8 is remarkable:
iphone_4s_ios8In addition there are other drawbacks to the slowness: the app and the same operating system iOS 8 has been developed for a display of the greater size of the iPhone 4S, at least longer.
And this can be seen in the studies using AppStore, or as you can see in the image below in the research done with HotSpot: visible results are little more than a screen for keeping the keyboard open.


That being said: if you are a freak, certainly do not want to miss the new features from iOS 8 (the You can see this in our article) on your iPhone 4S even at the cost of some slowdown .
The slowdowns are not particularly influential on the use of the iPhone 4S are quite obvious on the iPhone 4S: switching from one application to another, research, Typing text, browsing with Safari are rather slow.
Contacted Apple has stated that the problems are known and probably by the end of the month there will be an update to try to stem the problem.

In our opinion it is worth upgrading to iOS 8 the only reasons why upgrade an iPhone 4S for iOS 8 are:

  • future updates of the app require iOS 8
  • surely as has already happened in the past, Apple will release a short version 8.0.1 the 8.1 that will streamline the slowness of the most disarming
  • you can take advantage of a feature really interesting how the intelligent keyboard that will allow you to write more easily (You can read more details quthe)

Think about it.. no going back :) (at least for now)

At any rate, our impression is that Apple has found a way not very “ethical” (as it has done in the past) to force users to buy a new device.