ios7: news on accessibility and corporate functions

What has changed in the accessibility features with iOS7?

People with limited motor abilities can now control your device using "control switches".

  • Customizing the style of captions.
  • Support for handwriting VoiceOver.
  • Support for the inclusion of mathematical characters by Nemeth Braille VoiceOver.
  • Choose between a variety of high quality items for the pronunciation of the selection and VoiceOver.
  • Support for stereo audio and hearing aids "Made for iPhone" iPhone 5 and iPod touch (5ª generation).



Vi ricordiamo che tramite i comandi di accessibilità è possibile attivare la lettura di SMS, email, websites, very convenient for example when your hands are busy or you are driving. We explain how to do this in our article: How to enable voice reading for SMS, email and websites on the iPhone

Other new features of iOS for business functions:

  • Ability to decide which app to use to open accounts and documents and attachments.
  • VPN for single app.
  • License Management App Store.
  • Enterprise single sign-on authentication.
  • Remote configuration of the managed app.
  • Automatic protection of data for the third-party app.
  • Synchronizing Exchange notes.
  • Installing custom fonts.
  • New management of the demands and restrictions.

Check all the other news of iOS7:

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