ios7: the novelty of Siri

What's new Siri in iOS7 ?

A new male voice is available in Siri. In addition, the voice search assistant Siri Apple gets smarter: is now able to identify tweets interesting and perform searches on Wikipedia and Bing, dial the phone number of a missed call, play voicemail messages and control iTunes Radio.

Also you can turn on and off wifi, bluetooth and more with simple voice commands such as “Active WiFi”

iOS 7 Siri Le novità di iOS 7

In terms of functionality, secondo Phil Schiller la nuova versione di Siri è more accurate in recognizing e più user-friendly, more quickly to offer feedback or open applications.
Also improved the search for images from the web, with the display of thumbnails, selectable and expandable for viewing in full screen, oltre ad una maggiore integrazione con Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, where the results will be available on the search page. Stesso miglioramento con la ricerca e condivisione di post su Twitter, all enriched by a display on a transparent background as it improves readability.

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