iPhone locked after update to iOS 8.1: black screen and Apple logo

Many users are reporting a problem during restart after updating to iOS 8.1 CONTACT (On The Air): l ’ iPhone remains bloccatto (o iPad) after reboot and remains perennially power screen (black screen with Apple logo). How to solve the problem?Upgrade to iOS 8.1 is creating a problem rather annoying to other users: if you install the update is done over the air (Over The Air: downloading the update directly from the phone via WiFi) It may happen that’iPhone remains locked in the phase of “verification of firmware” and compel the user after interminable waiting on reboot of the device (with long press of the power button and the contemporary and the home button for at least 10 seconds).

After restarting the’iPhone can long remain stuck on the black screen showing only the power of the white apple logo of Apple as in:locked iPhone black screen Apple

The drastic solution proposed by Apple is to also connect your device to iTunes, and reset the phone by loading the firmware again. This obviously involves the loss of all data on the iPhone that you can recover (if you have had the foresight to make a backup before updating to iOS 8.1) restoring the last backup performed.

Before proceeding with this drastic solution (that will certainly work, but may cause a loss of data if your backup is not recent) you can groped an alternative solution (that we ourselves have tested on an iPhone 4S obtaining the solution and the complete ignition device):

  1. If your iPhone is stuck in the black screen power long (more 10 minutes) restarting it by simultaneously pressing and prolonged (10 seconds) the home button and power
  2. The iPhone screen will return to power and will remain locked
  3. store the phone in WiFi coverage (course of a network to which your device is authorized to access) for at least 30 minutes

At this point, the iPhone should be able to rebuild the installer file is damaged or partially unpacked and should re-ignite itself. The process is rather long but it works in most cases.

Therefore, If after attempting to upgrade to iOS 8.1 your iPad or iPhone get stuck on black screen with the white apple Apple:

  • se avete fretta ed un backup recente, proceed immediately to restore the phone via iTunes
  • if you do not hurry and do not want to lose the data initially tested with our method described above