iphone 4S lento con iOS 8? tutorial: tornare eats the iOs 7.1.2

Your iPhone 4S has become too slow after installing iOS 8? For a limited time you can return to iOS 7.1.2. Follow the guide to return to iOS 7 of iSocial.it!As stated in our article “ios su iPhone 4S: should upgrade or better to avoid? [updated]” many users have reported the’extreme slowness of its iPhone 4S after installing iOS 8.
For a limited period of time Apple gives us’ the opportunity to return to iOS 7.1.2. pending the release of an update to iOS 8 that can correct the slowness of the new firmware on older devices.
Read this guide carefully before proceeding!

Return to iPhone 4S iOS 7.1.2: requirements and important notes


  1. the possibility of tornare iOS 7.1.2 is limited in time. Apple could prevent this “downgrade” from time to time without prior notice, Therefore, if you decide to go back to the old operating system faster, it is better to proceed immediately
  2. it is not a procedure authorized by Apple: while not requiring interventions tampering with the device, the washing procedure, although head, It could lead to some minor problems
  3. the procedure to downgrade to iOS 7 deletes all data on the device: you will need to restore a backup made with iOS 7.1.2 therefore made a backup before updating to iOS 8 (iTunes is retained in the last backup, and you can select which backup to restore) as indicated in our guide to upgrade to iOS 8 “Upgrade to iOS 8 takes too much space on your iPhone and iPad?
  4. requires download the firmware 7.1.2 iPhone 4S clicking here before
  5. iSocial.it assumes no responsibility for any loss of data

Downgrade iPhone 4S a iOS 7.1.2: leadership

  1. deactivate “Find My iPhone” in Settings -> club
  2. connect iPhone 4S to Mac or PC with the latest version of iTunes installed
  3. in iTunes, select your device and enter the summary sheet
  4. hold down the ALT key on the Mac or the Shift key on Windows, click on "Update"
  5. Select the firmware file iOS 7.1.2 previously downloaded (point 4. requirements)
  6. click on "Update" and wait for the completion of the downgrade dell’ iPhone 4S a iOS 7.1.2
  7. restore the backup made before the upgrade to iOS 8

Recall that this guide to downgrade iPhone 4S to iOS 7.1.2. will not work forever, but only until Apple will allow.