iPhone 5 arrives in Italy and proclaim the telephone operators!

For telecom operators is our own race to sell the new device can not miss Apple: both Vodafone and Three have confirmed that the new iPhone 5 will be available for sale in Italy Already this month.iphone5 treOn the major social news is rebounding from early releases of the two telephone operators: both Vodafone that Three announced that the’iPhone 5 will be on sale from Friday 28 th September.

The Prices saranno quelli già annunciati nel nostro articolo precedente relativo ai prezzi in Italia, but the new iPhone 5 will also be available to subscribers of subscriptions with flat rate tariffs.

And’ will also be a drop in prices of the devices more “dated” however still very valid which iPhone 4 and 4s.

Both operators have chosen Facebook to announce the official date of the sale of the devices.

iphone5 vodafone


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