iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S 3: Here's the verdict!

A few days before the official release of the iPhone 5 in Italy, you do not do nothing but discuss the device, and not necessarily in favor of company Cupertino. It seems that many people who were waiting anxiously for the release of the new dispisitivo, have remained a little disappointed by the few changes, and that even now are undecided about who to purchase, iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S III ?

We iSocial we took a look at the features of both the phones, we compared them and finally we reveal our verdict.

Release Date

l’iPhone 5 was inaugurated in the world live 12 th September, habit and how Apple should not wait long to buy it, in Italy will be officially released 28 th September. The Samsung Galaxy S III is already available and on sale from May 2012, and around the month of July had divulged the news that he had passed a milestone of sales 10 million devices.


iPhone 5 – 7,6 millimeters thick, metal housing, non-removable battery Samsung Galaxy S3 – 8,6 millimeters thick, plastic wrap, removable battery Apple has taken aggressive steps to make the iPhone 5 as thin as possible. The back layer of the glass is no more, the phone uses a nano-SIM and screen technology combines its constituent layers pressing down all, as far as possible. As a result, only 7,6 millimeters thick, less than a millimeter Samsung Galaxy S3 which is 8,6 millimeters thick. Apple-iPhone-5-

It 's very impressive, and Apple has also changed the design of the phone to make it feel less bulky in the hand, while being ultra-thin. Its edges are slightly rounded, to make it more maneggievole. The new aluminum component is much less slippery than previous versions and the build quality is outstanding.

Samsung Bianco (or better, di ghiaia blue e bianco), made all-in opaque plastic that uses a thin, indeed ultra-thin back cover. This is the only part of the phone that caused the most criticism given the value for money. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is also significantly larger than the iPhone 5, thanks to its screen ginormous 4.8 inches. It is 71 millimeters wide, mentre iPhone 5 is approximately 58 millimeters wide. Our main advice is to get hold of a Galaxy S3 before you buy it if it is on your blacklist. Some find it a bit 'too big for comfort. but it is a matter of taste. samsung galaxy s 3


iPhone 5 – new headphones Earpod-design, new power connector Lightning Samsung Galaxy S3 – microUSB charging cable, Samsung IEM noise isolation earphones, Normally adapter, do not compare a device from the accessories supplied, but this time those of Apple are noteworthy. l’iPhone 5 plans included a pair of earphones very special, completely redesigned with a very interesting design. The headphones are called Earpods, and are not like the typical Apple Earphones, and are equipped with a noise isolation type IEM. They are small, made of plastic and are designed to nestle in your ear canals, and this allows for more insulation than traditional earbuds always. They are incredibly comfortable for fit snugly,useful for listeners by train / bus / Auto / plane ,given that scatter very little sound to the outside world. They sound pretty good. Apple has completely redesigned the audio ports for bass boost, even outside of the middle. The result is a surprising listening, with good bass response and a wide sound stage considerably. The power cord of the iPhone 5 is different from the usual, with the new dock 8 pin instead 30 pin that has been in use for years. Also included is a power adapter for the cable and SIM removal tool. Samsung Galaxy S3 is more common in its approach, although no less useful. It features a microUSB cable for charging, a power adapter to connect this cable in and a standard pair of headphones to the Samsung brand with technology IEM noise isolation. They offer good isolation from external noise, but in reality are not that great if it comes to sound quality. iphone-5-headphones


iPhone 5 – 4 inches, resolution 1136 x 640 Samsung Galaxy Se – 4 inch Super AMOLED, resolution 1.280 x 720 All generations of the iPhone so far have used the same screen size (3,5 inches), and now with the iPhone 5 you change and you switch to a widescreen display 4 inches 1.136 x 640 pixels. This change allows for a wider screen but without increasing too much the real dimensions. Many applications are already optimized to support the new screen longer. Apple-iPhone-5-Official-Pic The Samsung Galaxy S3 is paying a lot less than the actual size compared to the Apple. With a huge display di 4.8 inches, the Samsung is too big for some hands – and huge, with 7,6 centimeters in diameter. Each device uses a different type of screen technology. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a Super AMOLED screen, mentre iPhone 5 using a screen with IPS technology that was used in the iPad and iPhone for years. The SUPER AMOLED provides excellent response with white and bright colors, but the IPS screens tend to show colors a bit 'more natural. A livvelo of screen we can admit that they are real very good, the only thing to consider are the size. samsunng galasy s III

Processore and Ram

iPhone 5 – 1 GB RAM, processore A6 Samsung Galaxy Se – 1 GB RAM, quad-core 1,4 GHz One thing that the Samsung Galaxy S3 could beat the next iPhone is its processor. The Samsung Galaxy S3 uses the impressive Exynos 4412 chip, which has four cores and runs at 1.4GHz. Unfortunately,, Apple did not reveal depth technical information on the CPU. At the time, we only know that it is twice as fast as the chip of the iPhone 4S, which has a dual-core 1GHz CPU and Graphics PowerVR SGX543MP2. It will be quad-core?


iPhone 5 – new specialties 8 pin, no microSD, microsim, tecnologia LTE Samsung Galaxy Se – microsoft, microSD, microsim,NFC Forse, one of the most shocking changes of the new iPhone 5 is the new dock, smaller than usually used in all Apple devices. For size is comparable to the microUSB, although a little different. The problem of the change connector is that the new iPhone will be compatible with existing accessories, docking per iPhone – not good news if you own something with the old connector. However, Apple does offer a connector that serves as a bridge between the old and the new. iphone-5-mini-dock-connecter The Samsung Galaxy S3 is more or less the opposite in its approach. It allows you to use microSD cards and uses standard microUSB. Convenient, and 'compatible with MHL, also, able to output HD video with surround sound to an HDMI port when used with the right cable. Unlike the iPhone, Samsung is not based on synchronization software to transfer files, then you can drag and drop files when connected to a computer via USB. Also, the Samsung Galaxy S III has a device called NFC Connection, that in addition to the functionality of the phone simply pay Leaning one of the stores in the POS, allows you to transfer files between devices at speeds absurd without resorting to data connection. For now, to pay with NFC is only available in Mc donald's and in some Rest.


iPhone 5 – 8 megapixels, flash LED Samsung Galaxy Se – 8 megapixels, LED flash Although many elements of the iPhone 5 have been improved greatly compared to its predecessor,about the camera instead was only released an update. Ha'ancora a sensor from 8 megapixels, and still uses a nice standard LED flash. Its aperture is f/2.4 and uses five-lens. Come l’iPhone 4S, the sensor has back lighting, and functionality HDR, which consists in taking 3 consecutive pictures and join them together to get the best shot. The iPhone 5 also offers an impressive panorama mode – just tap and pan to create an image automatically. Unlike other panorama mode like we've seen this keeps the image in full size, providing up to 28 high-resolution images. Apple-iPhone-5-Camera The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a sensor 8 megapixel and many functions, including image stabilization, touch focus, 1080p video recording and an LED flash. However, its image quality is at best on-par with the iPhone 4S Camera (and passed it under certain conditions) and we hope that the iPhone 5 offer some significant improvements. samsung galaxy camera


iPhone 5 – up to 8 hours of talk time (amperage unknown) Samsung Galaxy Se – 2100In typical Apple fashion mAh, the technical specifications of iPhone battery 5, in terms of mAh capacity, were not disclosed. Instead, Apple has shown us how long it will last in real terms. It allows you to manage 8 hours of talk time, the 40 hours of audio listening. Also, as the previous iPhone, you can not replace the battery on the iPhone 5. Samsung has made a particularly strong effort with the last battery for the Galaxy, overcoming most of its rivals by about 20%.


The battle between iPhone and Samsung, which actually now sports rivalry Apple and Google, is open, but we iSocial to think that in the end the choice is a subjective thing, and that both devices offer excellent functionality. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is more flexible, with expandable memory and an operating system more malleable. However, the metal body of the Apple phone is really functional and beautiful, and is a much more friendly for those with less hands giants. Now with a bigger screen, no longer hear much difference in performance of the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S III.