Here's the new iPhone 5 with pictures and features

Exactly, the melafonino awaited as it was assumed was presented by Apple during the KeyNote.


Keynote Apple iphone 5

Following the news of Apple's KeyNote direct 12 th September 2012 with the presentation of the new iPhone and the new iPad

And’ already known that the official name is iPhone 5

iphone 5

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h 18.56: The KeyNote is about to begin

h 18:58: …get the first warning: Ladies and gentlemen, the event will begin shortly. Please switch all electronic devices to silent
h 19:02 – Tim Cook says it is a great time for Apple and that the company has interesting news to be presented. Meanwhile,, some updates on the Apple Store around the world, from Barcelona. For the structure of this store is used a material different from the usual, to attract attention and provide the perfect place for the discovery of Apple products.
Shows an illustrative video that shows the Apple retail stores, with enthusiastic audience and employees impeccable.
h 19:03 – Cook argues that Apple retail stores offer the best buying experience on the planet, with 380 Store opened in 13 countries of the world. We speak now of Mac.
h 19:07 – Apple is very happy with what he is doing currently in the Mac. We speak now of iPad: the new model has been launched recently and has sold 17 million units, an incredible achievement.
h 18:13– Tim Cooke has started talking about the IPhone 5! Schiller: The hardware and software engineering that has been put inside this product is more challenging than our team has ever created.
h 18.15– Here's the first picture with the first details on the size! And 'the 18 percent thinner and 20 percent lighter, which is not bad. 112 total grams. HAS 4 inches, as expected has 1136 x 640 resolution.iPhone5 new
h 18:16 – It will have a wireless much faster than Previous.

The phone is made entirely of glass and aluminum, is unlike any model ever created. It is the 18% thinner than the iPhone 4S, also the resulting 20% lighter. The thickness is just 7.6 mm and the weight of 112 grams. As explained by Schiller, anyone can create a mobile largest, but the evolution is to make it lighter and thinner. The iPhone 5 A display da 4 inches 16:9 with resolution 1136X640. Apple did not want to increase the size of the display because the phone continued to be comfortable in your hand.

All software have been updated, from email to calendar, and icons on the display are 5 lines.

h 19:18 – All previous applications also work on the new iPhone 5, but the developers are working from

Click to enlarge time to update and make the best new apps for the display on the phone introduced. Applications, basically, you can see much better. The color saturation is the 44% In addition, the touch is integrated in the display due to the sensors inserted, allowing Apple to remove a layer.iPhone5_velocità

Click to enlargeh 19:21 – The connectivity on the iPhone 5 è HSPA , DC-HSDPA email, finally, LTE: the new iPhone is very fast. In the phone there is a single chip for voice and data, in addition to a single-chip radio waves, all thanks to a dynamic antenna.

h 19:23 – In terms of connectivity not only find the LTE, but also the wireless ultrafast. The onboard processor is an Apple A6, twice as fast as the previous, the 22% least, performance quite surprising: lance web pages 2.1 times faster, save images from the app iPhoto 1.7 times faster, and so on.

h 19:25 – Parola della Rob Murray and EA Games presents Real Racing 3, with graphics to another level. There is even a detail view in the mirrors of cars: small details that players will love. The game, as all securities that are and will be developed, is deeply integrated with Game Center.

iPhone5 velocità

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Apple claims that the battery will last 8 hours of talk time in 3G, 225 hours of standby time, 10 hours in navigation WIFI.

8MP camera with resolution 3264×2448, reduction of the background noise, the shots are captured on 40% faster, new feature called Shared Photo Stream IOS6. Panorama function.

h 18,29 -Warman:
Hitherto, we have not seen anything that would make temereil new iPhone 5. Samsung S3 is going to be sopraffatto.h

h 19:32 – It is presented the new functionality Shared Photo Stream with Panorama, a new shooting mode that allows you to capture images even in 28 total megapixels, through the creation of transitions between multiple photos put together.

The front camera has 1MP HD.

The iPhone 5 will 3 microphones, noise-reducing external.

Face detection that is face recognition, and you can take pictures while recording a video.

h 19:36– There will be a new dock and will also provide an adapter to use also cables and dock today. Ora Lightning, a cable decidedly smaller and thinner!


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You will be given a navigator with the indication for the guidance (turn by turn) with the voice of Syrians that will provide directions and satellite images.

19:39 – The adapter is small and compact. The most important novelty of this iPhone 5 iOS is 6, the new updated operating system that will be illustrated by Scott Forstall. Forstall anticipates the presence of so many new features, starting from maps with a total of 100 thousand new points of interest and a search engine ad hoc, with step by step instructions. It is used the viewing angle of a room kinematics and you can use the maps in landscape mode, over that portrait. Satellite images have been improved.

19:43 – By clicking on the 3D models you can see in three dimensions tract represented. With two fingers you can change the angle of view of the camera. A novelty in the Notification Center allows you to send a tweet or a status on Facebook with a simple tap. Safari was greatly improved, while also allowing the full screen mode.


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The maps feature called beautiful Fly Over that allows you to fly over the city in 3d.

As for Siri there will be brand new features and answers to many more questions by offering more services.

Brand new feature Passbook, that is the one that allows you to receive and keep the train tickets, aircraft, concerts, loyalty cards etc..


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19:46 – Passbook is a new app that allows you to have cards, movie tickets or arei, weaving points and so on. With a simple tap we have all our cards and tickets in hand, digital version. The sharing feature allows you to choose a photo stream images to be shared in a simple and direct: friends will receive a push notification on their mobile. At the moment the feature is not yet integrated with Facebook. Even Siri has been updated and improved to provide information, results, forecasts and investigations as simple and straightforward as possible.

19:50 – Siri seems to have learned a lot about the film: is able to suggest what we find at the cinema with information and reviews. Naturally the same also applies to restaurants, pharmacies, points of interest of any kind. Using Siri, you can also publish status on Facebook. Even accessibility has been improved, between the various features of the new iOS.

19:52 – Schiller argues that iOS 6 OS is the most advanced currently available on smartphones on the market. iPhone 5 will be available in the colors black and white, will be the most compact and leggero.Viene showed a video of the iPhone 5 with Jony Ive in a white room: Apple has taken seriously the opportunity to improve the iPhone, increasing the display without altering the size, then keeping it comfortable to hold in your hand and in your pocket. Bob Mansfield explains, in technical terms, as it was built the new iPhone 5, saving weight and space at the component level.


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19:55 – The new connector is born from the need to save space the entire phone, also moving the lens in the camera sapphire crystal. The level of invention engineering applied to the creation of this phone is unprecedented for Apple. Scott Forstall is now talk of integration between hardware and software: one of the strengths of Apple for years.

19:59 – You can now make FaceTime calls with the traditional telephone network, without WiFi.

Pictures are shown in the detail of the new iPhone 5, while Schiller back on stage. Prices remain those of the iPhone 4S: with contract 199 dollars for the 16GB, 299 for the 32GB and 399 dollars for the 64GB.


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The pre-orders start, U.S., the 14 th September. Here in Italy iPhone 5 will arrive 28 th September.Disappears instead the iPhone 3GS.

20:02 – Cook Back on stage, confirming that this iPhone 5 constitutes a major innovation.

For prices of the new iPhone 5 please refer to this article, Who clicca.


20:32 – There is talk of speakers and headphones. The challenge is to create headphones that go well for everyone and are of very good quality, then come the EarPods, headphones on which Apple was concentrated 3 years. The design of the earphones looks very interesting and is designed to bring the sound perfectly in your ear.

20:36 – The EarPods will be available in stores as accessory from today (12 September ed.).


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