iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S 3: crash test, here are the results!

The iPhone 5, which debuted on 12 September world premiere, has already been released in various countries of the world, but we'll have to wait for this weekend to be able to actually buy. In many have aspettatto and are waiting to be able to have the new jewel of Apple, but there are some who could not wait to buy it for us tests restistenza to falls and shocks, putting it in comparison with the Device with the tip of the Korean giant in collaboration with Google, the Samsung Galaxy S 3.

The crash test, which serves to demonstrate and understand the resistance of the two devices, was done in Hong Kong, and you can see the bottom of the article. The two smartphones have been dropped from three different heights, allla at the mercy of gravity, in order to simulate and reproduce a perfect accidental fall: height pocket, shoulder height and ear.

As we can see in the video, from the first test, that of the fall height pocket, to win it is the Samsung Galaxy S 3, without damage to the display or the back cover but just a little scratch on the side; l’iPhone 5 however, shows a clear abrasion of black paint near the upper. In the second test (one shoulder height) however different the result: the Galaxy S 3 accuses the fall hopelessly with a corner of the screen, even if still working, mentre iPhone 5 only shows further signs near the corners. For the third and last round instead of the second same fate, is the iphone to come out ahead.

iphone 5 vs samsung galaxy s 3

Now, as promised in the opening, the video of the test conducted by AndroidAuthority.