Apple at the event to download the app from the App Store cinquantamilionesima, has compiled the ranking of Best iPhone and iPad Apps of all time.Unlike other rankings app visible even going in the ranking of the device that is based on the number of downloads for the latest period spent, this ranking of the best ever App for iPhone and iPad calculates the number of downloads since they were actually published in the App Store.

The list is updated in May 2013, date of publication in the Apple iTunes

The 25 best app ever for iPhone and iPad Free
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  1. Facebook
    Facebook Facebook, Inc.. Category: Social network
    Evaluation: 4+
    Version: 142.0

  2. Pandora Radio
    Pandora Music Pandora Media, Inc.. Category: Music
    Evaluation: 12+
    Version: 1709.1

  3. Instagram
    Instagram Instagram, Inc.. Category: Photos and videos, Social network
    Evaluation: 12+
    Version: 15.0

  4. Youtube
    Youtube Google, Inc.. Category: Photos and videos, Entertainment
    Evaluation: 17+
    Version: 12.35

  5. Skype
    Skype for iPhone Skype Communications s.a.r.l Category: Social network, Productivity
    Evaluation: 12+
    Version: 8.6

  6. Words With Friends Free
    Words With Friends Classic Zynga Inc. Category: Games, Word Games, Entertainment, Board Games
    Evaluation: 4+
    Version: 8.62.1

  7. The Weather Channel
    Weather Radio by WDT Weather Decision Technologies, Inc.. Category: Weather, Utilities
    Evaluation: 4+
    Version: 3.0.5

  8. Twitter
    Twitter Twitter, Inc.. Category: News, Social network
    Evaluation: 17+
    Version: 7.7.2

  9. Temple Run
    Temple Run Imangi Studios, LLC Category: Games, Arcade, Action, Entertainment
    Evaluation: 9+
    Version: 1.6.3

  10. Google Search
    Google Google, Inc.. Category: Utility, Reference
    Evaluation: 17+
    Version: 35.0

  11. Netflix More details
  12. Shazam More details
  13. Angry Birds Free More details
  14. Draw Something Free More details
  15. Flashlight Ⓞ More details
  16. Facebook Messenger More details
  17. Google Earth More details
  18. Fruit Ninja Free More details
  19. iHeartRadio More details
  20. Movies by Flixster, with Rotten Tomatoes More details
  21. Bump More details
  22. eBay More details
  23. PAC-MAN Lite More details
  24. Groupon More details
  25. Google Maps More details

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