iSocial has tested for you the new Samsung Galaxy S4: review.

On the day of launch, Saturday 27 April, iSocial has purchased and tested for you the brand new Samsung Galaxy S4. We see all the first impressions and a review hot.

A premessa, iSocial has always been oriented to the Apple world and has a great respect for the house of Cupertino, but since the first rumors on the new Samsung Galaxy S4 our attention was focused on the new device with Android 4.2.2.

The very first impression of this new Samsung Galaxy S4, since the package was a great attention to the product. As you can see from the box very reminiscent of the iPhone 4 and 5, even if the endowment of two small “manuals” with the basic functions of the approach to the new system makes it easy for all.

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First of all we want to debunk a myth: the new Samsung Galaxy S4 is only imperceptibly larger than the Samsung Galaxy S3. The display is rather wider, making better use of the edges dell'S3. The corners are less rounded and the appearance is decidedly more sober.

Here are our first impressions soon after l’unboxing:

Samsung Galaxy S4 (left) and S3 (the right hand)

Samsung Galaxy S4 (left) and S3 (the right hand)

Positive aspects of the new Samsung Galaxy S4: the new Samsung Galaxy S4 mounts already native brand new Android 4.2.2, a wonderful camera 13 M/pixel, a powerful quad-core processor and a software solution for any eventuality (perhaps even more than you might expect) including the NFC system, and an IR transmitter (Infrared) that will allow you to use your smartphone as a new remote control for any TV / DVD player / decoder and so on.
Other aspects absolutely positive that give a hard time to the Apple world are definitely replaceable battery and the housing microSD that allows you to expand the memory of your Samsung Galaxy S4 practically at your leisure.
It screen found less loss of light than the iPhone 5 looking at the screen at a high angle.
The new smartphone surprises right from the start for its weight (absolutely lightweight compared to the size) and the fact of being extremely thin, enough to fit in your pocket when you just feel it.

Samsung Galaxy S4Negative aspects of the new Samsung Galaxy S4: it is necessary to specify which of negatives if they can detect very few and that it is personal impressions assoutamente. However, if we really want to nitpick, we can say that, despite the lower light loss while watching the display at high angles compared to the iPhone 5, the overall brightness of the screen Samsung Galaxy S4 is slightly lower than that of competitor iPhone 5 (although the higher contrast and better brightness do go absolutely overshadow this aspect).
Its appearance is more “plasticky” compared to competitors: this is due mostly to the back cover completely plastic very thin and the feeling of absolute lightness. Unlike the previous Galaxy S3, however,, the shiny metal edge that runs around the phone goes to temper this feeling.
If we must find another defect, the power button in certain situations it is shown a little’ too sensitive, and you run the risk of inadvertently press.

The large amount of functions could also displace less users “smart”, which can, however, find comfort in manual very few pages included in the package.

Innovative features that are present in the new Samsung Galaxy S4? Brief guida.

Watch on - remote controlWhat functions and features does the new Galaxy S4? Perhaps it would be better chiederi what functions does NOT have the Samsung Galaxy S4!
The magnificent screen of 1080, the fastest quad-core processor, NFC technology and IR, dozens of effects for the camera, the opportunity to take two pictures simultaneously with the front and rear camera, the ability to make videos in slow motion, the ability to control your phone with your voice or with individual gestures are just a few of the top features that can be seen from the very first minutes of ignition.

And’ true that it is not essential functions for a smartphone, and for many will be rarely used, such as the function “eraser” the camera, the optical reader texts, control with movements of the head, it "slow motion", but they definitely have a great effect for the user who approaches this new product.

The screen of the Samsung Galaxy S4

It screen is truly exceptional: AMOLED 5 inches, 1080p HD with a pixel density of 441ppi that is decidedly higher than that of Apple (21PPI).
Le's photo HD-videos are truly impressive. The screen of the Galaxy S4 has a much higher contrast than the Galaxy S3, both outdoors and indoors. The readability of the screen even with the sunlight is definitely increased.
The highly sensitive display allows addiritura of use the touch when wearing gloves, and new functions are activated by pointing the finger on the display but without touching it (used to display thumbnails of photos, video or to zoom in for texts).
The Galaxy S4 is also the first device on the market to use the brand new glass Gorilla Glass 3 extremely resistant, more thin and scratch.

Easy Mode

Easy Mode

The service buttons

Below the screen are positioned 3 buttons (a physical one and two touch):
The center button “home” takes you to the home of the smartphone if pressed briefly, launches Samsung's Voice app for voice control for Samsung Galaxy S4 When pressed twice, while sample le recently used applications if pressed long.
The menu button (the first to the left) instead launches Google Now (Google Search app)

Samsung Galaxy S4 easy: Easy mode

For users who may have felt a little’ dazed by the full functions, there is a simple way, or Easy Mode of Samsung activated upon first ignition, suiccessivamente or menu settings.

Applications preinstalled on Samsung Galaxy S4

On the new Galaxy S4 there are many applications preinstalled: from the essential ones such as calculator, the calendar, and the music player, Google branded ones like Gmail and the integrated browser “turn by turn”.
Samsung also includes a branded app as its native translator, a ’ app to get fit, and a ’ d c app “Watch on” really smart to check your home devices (tv, dvd player, Sky italia, etc..) with tv guide, Story albums and many others.

Optical control and through movements (gestures) by Samsung Galaxy S4

The optical tracking system (already seen on S3 but improved) is something very futuristic. Quite simply the Samsung Galaxy S4 can verify if your attention is directed towards the display, turning it off if you do not look, by pausing the video, or even scoorendo down the pages when you are reading the last lines.
And’ through simple gestures can also move around within the menu, in the website or in the app by moving your hands over the phone, without touching it (very useful for example when you have your hands dirty and do not want to touch your mobile phone).
When the phone is in stand-by you can pass a hand over the phone to see if there are new messages or calls, or you can answer a call by simply lifting the table smartphone.

Multi window: you can run apps in the sections of the screen in order to keep things under control more. You could for instance assist the notepad to browser windows to take notes, or place in a corner of a video to be kept under control while checking e-mail.

There are tons of the available function, the app, sensors and capabilities of the new Samsung Galaxy S4.

We are very pleased with the new acquisition will allow us to provide you with a lot of brand-new information and guides about the new features of this beautiful Samsung Galaxy S4.