Israel uses Twitter to announce the war, but removes internet in Gaza

We have seen the NATO quarrel with the Taliban and the Libyan rebels denounce raids in less than 140 characters of Twitter, but this may be the first time that a state, Israel, announces its latest military offensive on Twitter.After they blew up a car carrying a leading member of Hamas, Ahmed Al-Jazeera, Israel told the world that the attack was part of a more imposing: Operation Pillar of Defense.

L'account IDF (Israel Defense Forces) @ IDFSpokenperson Twitter account by Twitter, at that point, explained to his 66.000 followers how and why the campaign has just begun, talking about self-defense and declaring that "all options are on the table. If necessary, the IDF is ready to start a ground operation in Gaza ".

Israele guerra Twitter

In other words, Israel was preparing to start an act of war against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and said to the whole world with a tweet. Twitter once again proves tool used not only for commercial purposes or intrattenimento.Nel meantime followers have increased up to more than 90.000 and the tweet was retwittato hundreds of times spreading like wildfire the news.

The IDF is doing some sort of plus live via Twitter attack on Gaza, but on the other side Twitter account@Anonymouspress complaint that Israel had decided to cut the Internet connection in the Gaza Strip.

Israele chiude internet a Gaza

[Source: Gizmodo USA]

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