What is it and how does iTunes Match

iTunes Match, is a function of iTunes allowing you to save on club music collections, including songs imported from CDs or purchased elsewhere.

The application- which requires a subscription 24,99 Euro per year- provides access to the music library staff from any authorized computer with iTunes installed 10.5.1 or later or any device ios 5.0.1 or later with an active Internet connection.

How do I activate
To activate iTunes Match simply launch iTunes and select from the column on the left, the iTunes Store. On the main page of the store to buy music online there, on the right, a link that allows you to access the new section of iTunes Match. Clicking on, you get to a page where explains the main features of the service. Simply click "Subscribe to 24,99 euro a year "to activate your subscription. The transaction takes place through your iTunes account, which is usually linked your credit card. The renewal is automatic after one year, but it is sufficient to cancel within 24 hours after the end of the first 365 days not to renew it if you do not want to.


itunes match

After you have activated the service, iTunes Match proceeds to scan your music library. In practice, the system compares the songs on your computer with those found in the iTunes store and charge only the songs that are not in the catalog. This solution helps reduce load times: all the songs that already exist on the iTunes Store also automatically become available on iCloud and iTunes Match is limited to just load the songs that do not have a match. The system does not distinguish between particular songs purchased from the iTunes Store, imported from CDs or from other sources (according to some, Apple has obtained from the record a sort of amnesty against those who have illegally downloaded songs). The comparison process and loading process may take several minutes, depending on the amount of songs in your library and the number of pieces that do not exist on the iTunes Store.

iTunes Match scanner

The songs made available with iTunes Match have a default quality of 256 Kbps. If there are songs in your library with lower quality, arrangements can be made to replace them with the highest definition available.

After upload and comparison of songs, in your iTunes library appears next to each track of a cloud icon. Need to figure out what songs have been uploaded and synchronized online. The songs are played on iTunes Match Streaming, but can also be downloaded. On mobile devices as they are downloaded to the listening, so they will be available even without connection. On Apple TV, the system only works in streaming.

The music library loaded online can be even used by devices that use the operating system ios, namely iPhone, the iPad and iPod Touch. To activate the service just go to the Settings, select "Music" and on the next screen put ON the option "iTunes Match".

You can use up to 10 devices with a single account.

Leveraging Online Synchronization, the system automatically updates the new playlist between different devices and loads alone on iCloud the new songs downloaded or added to your library.