Updating: ios 7.0.3 Windows Jailbreak

Apple has released an update to iOS 7.0.3. From the first rumors, in addition to the fixes and the introduction of “iCloud keychain”, seemed that the update had been strongly desired to close the holes that still allow to do Jailbreak iOS di 7 on iPhone and iPad devices. Subito dopo l’uscita dell’aggiornamento a 7.0.3 Musclenerd had advised the update to avoid incurring any jamming of the future jailbreak.

After carefully analyzing the update instead, lo stesso MuscleNerd ha dichiarato che l’aggiornamento è “secure” and will not prevent the future release of the iPhone and iPad.
And’ the same MuscleNerd, hacker and founder of the Dev Team, In fact, to declare on Twitter:jailbreak_musclenerd2Translated: updates to the lock screen 7.0.3 have no impact on the Jailbreak.
It also says in response to a user:jailbreak_musclenerd
Translated: if you have already lost Jailbreak iOS aggiornando ad 7.x then, it is safe to update 7.0.3

Let us then qhich are the updates to iOS 7.0.3:

  • Password Generator, so that Safari can suggest the strong passwords for your online accounts (the famous “iCloud keychain”

  • Updating the lock screen to delay the appearance of "slide to unlock" when in use Touch ID.

  • Ability to perform a new search on the web and on Wikipedia from the Spotlight search field.

  • Troubleshoot an issue where some users were unable to send iMessage.

  • Fix a bug that could prevent the activation of iMessage.

  • Improved system stability during use of the iWork app.

  • Solving a problem with the calibration of the accelerometer.

  • Fixed an issue that could make Siri and VoiceOver would use an item of lower quality.

  • Fix a bug that could allow circumvention of the code lock screen.

  • Improvement of the setting on the reduction of speed to decrease the speed of the movements and animations.

  • Fixes an issue that could make it too sensitive input VoiceOver.

  • Update the on the text in bold because it also modifies the text of the phone keypad.

  • Fixes an issue that could make, following a software update, devices would stop be supervised.