Jailbreak iOS 7 for iPhone 5S and 5C: attention to the methods bogus!

Finally, the Jailbreak iOS per 7 appears to be at a turning point. The hacker Planetbeing team Evad3rs claims to have on your hands the complete system for the release of iOS 7 , all the pieces of the new tool for unlocking would be in place and, at this point, we can expect a release shortly. However, there is already someone who tries to speculate on the jailbreak of iOS 7 proposing bogus methods.At the time, the team Evaders should have control of all the exploits and vulnerabilities that can ensure the release of iOS 7 stable and definitive to be able to make public users.


Here is what was stated by MuscleNerd on Twitter relative to iOS 7.0.2 confirming that the latter release ios 7 is vulnerable to jailbreak:
ios7 jailbreak

It seems that the di jailbreak iOS 7 sia addirittura di tipo untethered, Therefore, the best type of release for the iPhone that allows you to use our iPhone in a completely normal, without worrying about having to stick to the computer after a restart.
Il jailbreak è dichiarato compatibile anche con i nuovissimi iphone 5S e iPhone 5C.

In the meantime, you are spreading more and more sites that promise to run the jailbreak on iOS7, some free some paid: it is not absolutely reliable sites from which we do not recommend to stay away.
Uno di questi è ad esempio team7jailbreak.com :jailbreak-ios7-falso

With a simple Google search you can find dozens of sites that promise to run the iOS jailbkreak 7 install Cydia and some of them are even paid, but they are all united to be.. false: l’unico team in grado attualmente di rilasciare il jailbreak è quello di Evad3rs.
Stay tuned with iSocial.it, we will update you as soon as the unlock for iPhone iOS 7 will be available.