Jailbreak iPhone 8.1.3 – 8.3: the Guide to unlock iPhone

The new TaiG tools allows you to perform the jailbreak of iPhone and iPad with firmware from 8.1.3 a 8.3 without any problem.
Jailbreak allows you to install Cydia and all those tools that are not available on Apple Store, In addition to many applications available on the market “Parallels”.


Carefully check the basic requirements to be able to follow this guide to make the jailbreak your iPhone device, iPad or iPod touch:

  • Apple device with iOS version 8.1, 8.2 the 8.1.3 already installed on the device
  • iTunes 12 installed on your computer (You can download it from which)
  • TaIG Jailbreak tool currently available only for Windows platform that you can download directly from which (75 MB zip)

Apple devices list compatible with Jailbreak

The took of for the TaiG jailbreak works on a wide range of compatible devices:

  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 5 c
  • iPhone 5
  • iphone 4S
  • Air iPad 2
  • Air iPad
  • ipad 4
  • ipad 3
  • ipad 2
  • iPad Mini 3
  • iPad Mini 2
  • iPad Mini
  • ipod Touch 5

Jailbreak 8.1.3: step by step guide


Before you start a run up all your data (Full backup iPhone) via iTunes or iCloud

Proceed only if you are aware of what you are doing: as this is a normally harmless procedure, iSocial.it assumes no responsibility for any damage to your devices or provacati for data loss.

  1. disable the unlock code and the Touch ID To do this go into Settings > And unlocking code and the device must be completely free of codes when the "slide to unlock". . code
  2. disable the find my iPhone service entering in settings > icloud and . You will be asked and you will have to enter the password of your Apple ID. . trovailmioiphone
  3. set the device in airplane mode. dragging from the bottom of the screen upwards, call up the control center and click the airplane icon.
  4. connected via USB cable lightning your device to your pc
  5. After downloaded the TaiG tools unpack the Zip file and put the contents on your desktop
  6. run as administrator TaiG: Click with the right mouse button on the icon and choose TaiG “Run as administrator”
  7. At the opening of the TaiG tools, If you have followed the instructions correctly, your device will be recognized
  8. in the screen that will be presented will have to:
    • keep the first item selected (Cydia)
    • clear the second voice (3K Assistant)tutorial-3-en
  9. Press the button “Start” and wait for the jailbreak procedure terms (will show a smiley face):tutorial-4-en
  10. At this point your Apple device will be rebooted automatically and when you restart you should find the icon Cydia installed.
  11. Launch Cydia and wait for the installation and upgrading components. After Cydia will be automatically closed and you can begin working with your new iPhone or iPad and with its new features!

Have fun with the new iPhone with jailbreak!