Justin Bieber in his underwear!

Justin Bieber continues to talk and screaming fans! Photographed while returns to his hotel shirtless and practically in his underwear. Too bad there is not a video.. because it seems even staggering!

Justin Bieber does not stop to talk about '. The teen idol (and not only) around the world, there is no doubt that exploits his image for his fans to have a powerful.


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Good.. now Justin Bieber has been photographed (it's just a coincidence?) as he was returning to his hotel in a central area of ​​London this morning (1 March) early shirtless and practically in panties (calatissimi trousers).

The singer had started the night before the celebration for his nineteenth birthday and was returning from his Birmingham concert.

From the sequence of images that we present in the gallery.. we have the impression that the walk is a little’ awkward.. and that his manager almost the support.

Even the expressions are not the most lucid…

What do you think… we have the impression that the famous Justin Bieber if both had a good time that night to the great!