Christmas Karaoke with songs from your device with Google Now!

Google Now, asssitente the Google voice is available on iOS (iPhone / ipad / ipod touch) that on Android devices, introduced a “Easter Egg”, that is a weird function that has nothing to do with the actual operation of the application: the possibility of sing some Christmas songs in Karaoke!The Christmas karaoke is available within Google Now (Google voice search).
Sarà sufficiente aprire l’assistente vocale di Google e dire “Let's go caroling”.

Non preoccupatevi se la vostra pronuncia inglese non è perfetta e Google non capisce quello state chiedendo.. instead of pronouncing voice, you can simply write, in the search box of Google Now on your iPhone or Android device “Let ’ go caroling” and you'll see a screen where you can choose which song to sing:
karaoke natale
The ’ interface is nice, and a ball that bounces (Walt Disney style) will show you the text to sing karaoke!!

karaoke natale2

Have fun, and happy holidays to all !

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Version: 33.0

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