Kik messenger: l'alternativa a whatsapp

When the esiste Whatsapp smartphone owners use much less sms fee, taking advantage of this useful platform for texting, but consider if you want to have the utility and convenience of this messenger, but without necessarily having to share their personal phone number, whatsapp thing that does not allow for:

And here comes into play Who, the perfect alternative to whatsapp, Free cross-platform application and that in recent times, thanks to the continuous update, has been distinguished by speed and functions.

Who requires registration, it only takes a 2 minutes of your time as it requires you to enter email, password and user name, then you have to give to others to communicate through the app. To do this, simply press the icon in the top right and then look for the desired contact or to add one using the appropriate button to start texting with any other user Kik.

The operation is similar to that of the more well-known Whatsapp, so you can start group conversations, insert emoticon and photo but also use other apps related to our new messaging software which:

  • Yourcards on Kik, to send greeting cards
  • Find Me, to share our location
  • Oinktext, to find new friends on Kik
  • Sketchee, to draw
  • File Kicker, to send any type of file

Find something is missing? Then you could develop the app and then send an email to to add it to the list of add-ons.

Kik also allows sending messages offline, provides for a system of instant notifications that show when the message was sent, delivered and bed (Sent, Delivered, Read) and uses push.

In short, if you are looking for a good alternative to WhatsApp will not find a better of this, both functions for speed, and then allows you to communicate with and through Android or iOS devices not fitted with SIM. As if that were not enough, certainly offers one of the most eye-catching graphics category, much better than the pluricitata messaging app that would need updating.

Who Kik Interactive Inc. Category: Social network, Productivity
Evaluation: 17+
Version: 11.27.0

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