The fake email that conceals ENEL all your data: CryptoWall and Cryptolocker

A fake ENEL email that suggests downloading the latest invoice is sowing panic by infecting PCs with terrible virus CryptoWall and inevitably destroying the data on thousands of computers in Italy.
Read carefully how to recognize the virus and how to combat it!This fake email ENEL ELECTRICITY SERVICE – Enhanced protection services is wreaking destruction throughout Italy.
The reported cases are already several thousands and there is talk of more than 1.000.000 hopelessly lost documents.

What is it exactly?

In the eyes of people unfamiliar, the attempt of infection occurs as an ordinary email ENEL ELECTRICITY SERVICE that invites you to download the last Bill and to pay.
Unsuspecting users, proceed to the download of the fake bills, especially when figures are not due.

Here is an example of how email:


If you receive an email like this, never open any attachments or press the buttons that take you to download this fake Bill ENEL.

What you download is not a harmless but a Bill terrible computer virus called CryptoWall (or Cryptolocker, its earliest version).

What is CryptoWall?

CryptoWall and Cryptolocker (also with other name Variant) are Ransomware: malicious software that you install on victims ' computers illegally without permission.

Cryptowall from the time of installation latent and work without giving details signals, by encrypting all of your computer files (including USB sticks or external Hard drives) and any external network drive.

Because of the possibility of destroying documents in an enterprise network, the Cryptowall virus is becoming a nightmare especially in jobs.

From the time of infection you can no longer use your files: for any remedies on removal of CryptoWall or Criptolocker you can consult our article: Virus Cryptowall 3.0: how to restore crypted and damaged files..

The objective of the criminal CryptoWall virus you encrypt any kind of data: "pdf", "mdb", ".mdf", "dat", "txt", "doc", "jpg", ".js" but not only.

The virus leaves very obvious traces of their work, depositing in each folder where a file has been encrypted files with instructions on how to “pay the ransom” and regain ownership of their files.

What should I do if I realize I have been infected?

If you are lucky enough to notice in time that they were infected by CryptoWall must immediately turn off the PC to try and leave intact raw files from viruses.

How can I protect myself from viruses Cryptoloker and Cryptowall?

It is more than a passive protection, as even the most up-to-date antivirus infection notice when data is lost now: the virus is very well researched and is updated several times a day just to “escape” from the grip of the antivirus.

These are our recommendations:

  • always keep a backup copy of all documents, photos and videos that keep more: the backup must be performed on an external drive (and not within the same pc); This external drive (stick or harddisk) After the backup should always be left disconnected from your pc (otherwise the virus will infect the backup
  • do not click on links or attachments in email addresses if you are not sure that mail coming from absolutely reliable sources

How to recognize a scam email/virus?

Always remember to click on a link in an e-mail or opening an attachment of an e-mail is always risky, so don't do it if the email received, Despite being branded with the logo of a vendor known to you, contains spelling errors (very often these emails are “packaged” abroad).
Remember that institutional providers or “services” at least your first name/surname, While hackers normally no: If the mail there are direct references to your person.. It's probably a scam.

For this reason the “suppliers” reliable (gas, light, water, public bodies, banks, etc..) When they send direct mail to you (whether these contain advertisements or your personal data) vi “always call by name”: (For example: Dear. Mario…)
The finding of your personal information in the text of the email (Name, Surname, etc..) can be considered a real guarantee of the reliability of mail sender.

You want to understand exactly how it works and how to remove the virus CryptoWall or Criptolocker? You can consult our article: Virus Cryptowall 3.0: how to restore crypted and damaged files..

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