Lady Gaga and Madonna Vs the Russian government

The Russian government attacks Lady Gaga and Madonna to have held their concerts in Russia lacking the necessary permit commercial and exclusively on a tourist visa, thus violating the regulations of the country of Putin;

As if that were not enough already the diplomatic tension between the Russia and the U.S., Le due star americane sono accusate di aver tenuto i loro concerti in Russia equipped with only a tourist visa, and this leads to having to face formal charges, and consequent legal action, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Russian Immigration Service. La relazione fra i due poteri mondiali è gia abbastanza tesa per via dell’asilo politico concesso a Edward Snowden, the 'mole' of Datagate, and approval of the law that prohibits American families to adopt Russian children.

Lady gaga e madonna

It seems to be Lady Gaga Madonna do not go very genius at the top Russians because of their solidarity with the gay community, As reported in the tabloids and their last concerts were given space to this, argued against the decisions taken by the Russia and accusing them of homophobia and sexual repression.

Lady Gaga in turn publicly accused of Twitter the Russian government to be criminals, states that have not arrested when they could simply out of fear of having to respond to the world of their choice and defends the Gay community in the country stating that they are not alone in fighting.

Below the Tweet Lady Gaga

Lady gaga tweet russia

Now we have to wait and see how things evolve, given that we think of speak of these two divas for these good causes is always an honor.