Lady Gaga: Most of the 70% Followers of her are fake!

Solo pochi mesi fa Lady Gaga had won the crown of “followed more” by Twitter, but the queen of the social network could soon fall from the throne. It appears that the 70% dei suoi follower (more 2 its 3 then) abbia a fake profile or not active. A nice blow to Miss Germanotta that – despite it being sold-out stadiums around the world – is not so popular and loved by the “monsters” Network.

According to an analysis of StatusPeople – company specialized in the study of social networks – Most of the 70% of the followers of Lady Gaga would be “fake” the “not active“.
Lady-Gaga-Twitter-QueenA fake account is created for seguire le persone e inviare loro spamha spiegato al Gurdian Rob Waller, Director of StatusPeople – A account non attivo, instead, is created by a real user who prefers to consume the information of others rather than share their. In questo caso il suo profilo rimane then unused“.Very bad news for Miss Germanotta that, only pichi months ago, era stata eletta la “followed more” by Twitter, breaking through the figure of 20 million followers. The “Mom Show” will have to file his crown contenting, so to speak, the real fans that fill stadiums and arenas during live.