Upgrade to iOS 8 takes too much space on your iPhone and iPad?

Many users have complained about the fact that when you upgrade to iOS 8 (OTA Over The Air) of your iPhone or iPad l'Upgrade to iOS 8 fails and reports that the free space on your iPhone or iPad is insufficient. Are you trying to figure out what to delete to free up all that space for installing iOS 8? Stop and read this guide!ios 8 requires in fact a lot more free space on your device than it required for the installation of IOS 7.
Depending on the type of device and the version of iOS installed are requested by 3 GB free up to a maximum of 7 GB free on your iPhone or iPad.

This is a request for a large amount of space, and the majority of users with a 16GB iPhone does not have enough.
Even after cleaning photos, would be necessary to delete music and apps, and it is certainly not a happy choice. Read on to find out how to upgrade to iOS 8 without erasing data on your device!

ios8First we need to understand for what reason absurd prompted all this space available if the installation files for iOS 8 varies from 1,7 GB 2,2 GB depending on the type of the device: upgrading OTA (Over The Air) Therefore, do not connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer, the device must have sufficient space to:

  • download all the update files
  • unpack all the update files (practically doubled the size)
  • save any temporary files needed for installation

The solution is therefore very simple: make sure you have at least 1.5GB available on the device and do the update via iTunes. 1,5 Gb are sufficientupdate for the iPhone and iPad to iOS 8

What will change with iOS 8 ? read our article!

How do l’update through iTunes:

  • make sure you have a recent backup of the device (Best on iTunes)
  • make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer (all’ avio, iTunes checks for updates to be done.. if you report them.. proceed first with the update of iTunes)
  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to iTunes
  • sync your library with iTunes
  • in the summary screen of your device will be reported the presence of a new firmware: proceed with the installation.