The Facebook app for iPhone is updated!

The app. official Facebook page is being updated and is now quicker and easier to use; has also introduced a new feature quick to open / close the images within the social network.

The official Facebook app has always been in the eye of the storm, accusata di essere particolarmente lenta nel caricamento delle pagine e la visualizzazione di messaggi/notifiche.


applelogoAfter changing several times its own software, in the day today the development team has released a major update that should make the app faster.

The App Store has been recently published version 5.1 official Facebook application.

This update applies to certain features of the app, including the sharing, chat and the ability to add friends to your favorites list with ease.

Let's find all the new features introduced with this version:

  • Now it's easier to chat with your friends and share multiple photos at once;
  • Swipe to the left anywhere in your application to see at a glance who's available and send a message;
  • Add the friends to whom you send more messages at the top of your list of favorites;
  • Share photos more quickly;
  • When you send messages, see who is active so that you and your friends can get an idea of ​​when you will receive an answer.
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Version: 137.0