How to work for Starbucks in Italy: curriculum

The news of the arrival of Starbucks in Italy is spreading like wildfire on social networks, and many people are interested in the opportunity to working for Starbucks in Italy. Where to send the curriculum to work with Starbucks?

As much as challenged, the arrival of Starbucks in Italy is so much about if’ on social networks. Is proof of the unofficial fan page Facebook “Starbucks Italy” founded by supporters of big American company that now has over 25.000 like.

Among the dozens of people who question the American company for various reasons (including the sale of coffee other than Italian, the will to encourage the recruitment of migrants up to the famous “Palms” in Piazza Duomo in Milan financed by Starbucks), Many expressed appreciation for the products and services offered by Starbucks that until now you could only find abroad.

Many people look for information related to the possibility of send your curriculum to working for Starbucks in Italy, but official information is not yet available.

The information we may collect on the net but we can figure out who will take over on behalf of Starbucks in Italy. From a news item published on the official website, a famous Italian company (Pamplona) It will be the only “licensee” officer of the Starbucks brand in Italy: will have the property and will handle all Starbucks stores in Italy:

A confirmation of this we on the official website of Pamplona where it States:

Pamplona, unique Starbucks chosen as licensee in Italy, will be owner and operator of the premises. […] Starbucks and Percassi share the same values and commitment toproviding opportunities, working too, young people and the Italian community.

Site Overview, in the section of jobs, There are open positions for various roles in several stores of which Pamplona is a licensee: This leads us to think that it will most likely be for Starbucks stores in Italy assumer Percassi (It is not yet clear if he will directly or through employment agencies).

To date in section “current vacancies” the site Percassi don't appear references to Starbucks, but they could be uploaded in the coming months.
The persons concerned We suggest you send your resume directly to Pamplona, through the section of the site “Work with us – Send your curriculum”. Groped not harmful!

Would you like to lend a hand to a friend looking for work? Below, in the comments section of Facebook, tag your friend (with the @ in front of his name), and will receive notification!

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