The 25 most used app and follow on Facebook: ranking in May 2014

What are the most used applications on Facebook? This is mostly for games but also applications of common interest such as Spotify or Microsoft Live. But guess what is the most used application on Facebook?Well, the’most widely used application on Facebook is precisely Candy Crush Saga, the famous game is also available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
Even downloading the application on our device, This will use the Facebook page to generate the rankings and get in touch with our “Friends”.
What is rather shocking is that this game is very easy to exceed great step to use much more practical applications such as Spotify and Microsoft Live.

The values ​​are expressed in SAD (Daily Active Users) and measure the average amount in the month of active users in each application.
It, exact, the Facebook page of Candy Crush Saga is used on average by 50 million users per day.
I remind you, however, that even using the app from your smartphone, is considered a use of the Facebook page.

Vediamo la classifica delle 25 most used app on Facebook:

Rank App Category TWO – estimate
1 Candy Crush Saga Games 51,227,592
2 Farm Heroes Saga Games 21,302,620
3 Microsoft Live Utilities 15,633,410
4 Spotify Entertainment, Music 13,045,529
5 Pet Rescue Saga Games 11,563,718
6 HTC Sense Utilities 8,777,509
7 Hay Day Games 7,615,702
8 Bing Utilities 6,431,943
9 Astrology Novelty & Quizzes 6,268,886
10 Clash of Clans Games 5,596,025
11 Criminal Case Games 5,556,208
12 Youtube Video 5,275,138
13 Farmville 2 Games 4,915,726
14 Yahoo Misc 4,869,810
15 Pinterest Social Network 4,719,621
16 Daily Horoscope Virtual Gifts 4,697,981
17 Tinder Dating 4,673,855
18 Skype Utilities 4,610,884
19 Top Eleven Be a Football Manager Games 4,496,463
20 Dragon City Games 4,227,768
21 Words With Friends Games, Misc 3,981,390
22 Amazon E-Commerce 3,877,683
23 Horoscope with Maggie Farah Novelty & Quizzes 3,795,716
24 Flipboard Utilities, News / Social Reader 3,780,608
25 Texas HoldEm Poker Games, Gambling 3,532,566