The 10 most popular celebrities on Facebook

What are the most famous celebrities and follow on Facebook in first half 2015?
Although it may seem a ranking rather superficial, do you think the number of like a celebrity's Facebook page are pretty important!To date one of the most widely used methods for evaluate the popularity of an artist It is the verification of the number of followers on Facebook: These numbers are based on many advertising campaigns, and this as it can’ seem so trivial becomes an important parameter to see how “Vale” especially in economic terms, an artist!
More fan has, more will be assessed financially such as the occurrence of one of these celebrities in a television sponsorship!

Unlike the expectations of many, the first surprise comes from 10th place in the ranking of celebrities: We expect to see the ’ Idol of young girls around the world at the top, Iveco Justin Bieber is only in tenth place!
Let's see together the top-10 of the celebrities on Facebook starting at the position 10!

  1. Justin Bieber – 72.853.461 likes
    Surely his earnings are greater than the number of fans who follow her Facebook page! Justin owes much of its popularity to its “enemies”, they still follow her Facebook page for the sake of abusing him when he posts something
  2. Bob Marley – 73.634.060 likes
    Even after 34 years after his death the post Bob team receive thousands of likes from his fans.
  3. Will Smith – 73.946.880 likes
    L ’ actor and rapper Will Smith is stasto nominated for four Golden Globe Awards and two Academy Awards
  4. Michael Jackson 75.384.919 likes
    Even after almost six years after his death, Michael Jackson remains among the great personalities with more followers.
  5. Lionel Messi 78.533.778 likes
    Messi, play for the national team and Barcelona FC Argentia
  6. Rihanna 81.527.347 likes
    The star that an empire estimated at 140 millions of dollars, is also the founder of “The Believe Foundation”, a ’ organization that helps children with terminal illnesses:
  7. Eminem 92.014.938 likes
    Over the years, Eminem has had for well 12 times the recognition of best-selling singles.
  8. Vin Diesel 93.719.565 likes
    L ’ Vin Diesel had an account ’ ’ after the unpleasant events of soaring latest movie Fast and the Furious, but the firm still as one of the most followed actors currently on Facebook.
  9. Shakira 101.135.757 likes
    In addition to his talent as a singer, author and dancer Shakira has built a behemoth surely thanks to fans.
  10. cristiano_ronaldo_top_celebrityCristiano Ronaldo 103,954.805 likes
    The number of fans following Cristiano Ronaldo's page on a daily basis is unthinkable. Do you think even Christians can afford to make a post on Facebook asking what kind of underwear should wear, and receive over 28.000 answers from different users!

Surely the pictures posted along with her sweet little boy helped Cristiano Ronaldo to win the prestigious prize most followed celebrity on Facebook!