The most beautiful photos and curious taken from Google Street View

The artist Jon Rafman has selected with an incredible patience the the most beautiful and curious photos taken from Google in the streets around the world.
As is well known, there are cars Google flying in the streets around the world to shoot through a special camera equipped with 9 objectives (9-eyes) a series of photographs that, after being processed by a special software generate the Google Street View.
The artist himself says:

[…] the photograph of Street View, without artistic ambitions and indifferent, without human intentionality, does not attribute any meaning to any event or person. Devoid of context, history or meaning, the only glue that unites the Street View imagery is the continuity geospatial. It is a perspective that is not easily succeeds in portraying the sublime[…]

His work was meticulous and allows us to see so many curious photographs, funny or amazing scenery taken by Google around the world.
Below the photographs that we have selected for you. In the bottom of the article you will find the links to see more.




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