The best Android App in recent months

Continues the war between Apple and Android apps. A race who produces the product more useful to users and most successful for market. The result is obviously a substantial offer for owners of smartphones, they see monthly new apps to try. Let us see some Android apps among the most recent to recommend.

Best Android Apps

We start with an app that goes for more lately; those to edit videos using your phone. More and more smart phones are used as the old camcorders. And then remodeling video apps are among the most downloaded by users.
best android apps
One of the most comprehensive app belonging to this family and available on Play Store is Kine Master. We must say that it is an application quite professional, then complete but also of immediate use. In essence is addressed to users with previous familiarity with video editing programs; but the findings in this case might be exceptional.

Since the creation of video gallery to the possibility to enrich videos with soundtracks or Narrator. A fairly comprehensive tool also available on the developer's website.
Now we come to another app very useful and quite specific to your own content: We are all familiar with Wikipedia and its educational function.

Well, starting from the interest that the issue related to legalisation of cannabis, for recreational use and doctor, is arousing globally, has been developed Wikinnabis. An app for android that plays on the fusion of the words ' Wikipedia ' and ' Cannabis ' precisely, and that represents a database where information on any aspect related to the universe of marijuana.

The latest version is by September 2016, but the uniqueness of this app was born in Barcelona is that, exactly like Wikipedia, can be updated by users at any time. There are world news, curiosity, laws of the various countries, Forum with others and useful news, including specific information on medical marijuana, to never be fasting on this issue.

The last app quite recently that we report is Appsales; an app for ... keep an eye on the prices of the app. Exactly so. Because not all apps are free. There are several chargeable. For this if you purchase Internet rates can be useful to monitor, steadily, prices.

Appsales will keep you up to date on the cost of the app to which you are interested, indicating when it will be an opportune time to buy them at a discounted price. Appsales is available from the Android market, updated in July 2016, and once installed you will receive periodically offered by Google with the list of apps on offer.

A tool designed for users and that judging by the numbers (more than 500,000 installations) has been widely appreciated.