What's new in iOS 8: the guide to all the latest news!

Since yesterday evening (17 th September) Apple has released iOS 8. In many have already upgraded your device, many others are waiting endless minutes for the firmware download. Below we offer a guide to discover all the new iOS 8 for iPhone and iPad.ios 8 introduces some new features.. but let's be clear, it is not certain the manipulation resulted from iOS 7. The inexperienced user or not particularly tech probably will not even notice the difference, if not for the presence of some new icons or for the redesign of the notifications bar.
Probably the users of iPhone 4S instead realize.. a light slowness (latency) of their smartphone compared to iOS 7.

The all new iOS 8 and breve

ios8Camera and photos

The Camera application allows you to choose where you detect the light: in this way it will be easier to adjust the brightness and contrast of a photo. Touching and holding such an area captured by the camera clearer the picture will be underexposed (darker) and opposed by tapping a dark area where you will have an effect then of overexposure.

Deleting a photo from the gallery this will end in a kind of “trash” di windows: will be inserted in the album “Deleted recete” from which we can recover recently deleted a photo, or delete it permanently. Dall’ album “Recently deleted” the pictures are deleted automatically after 30 days.

From the “Photos” it is now possible hide pictures: holding your finger on your photos a menu will appear that will ask us if we want to hide the selected photo

The Photos application, allows greater freedom in editing photos: oltre alle già viste funzioni quali tagli e rotazione delle immagini (however, improved) were introduced the choice of exposure, points of light, shadow, brightness, contrast, Black Point, saturation, dominant color and a black and white effect highly customizable.

Le foto, are sorted into folders different iautomaticamente: "Recent Additions", "Panoramic", "Video", "Slow Motion", "Sequences" and so on.

Added the key to the self-timer on the camera. Iphone 5S e 6 may well triggered 11 pictures in rapid succession allowing us then to decide the best shot (that in truth it may be decided even in automatic from your phone).

Adding the function Time-Lapse, per realizzare dei video basati su foto in rapida successione scattate ad intervalli regolari nel tempo.


Siri can be activated without touching the phone saying “Hey, Siri "out loud when the phone is charging.
Through integration with Shazam, you can ask Siri: “Qual è il titolo di questa canzone?”
Thanks to the new API, Siri is now able to understand what you're asking in an almost instantaneous: tutto quello che diciamo viene scritto in tempo praticamente reale (Also in the dictation)


As it happens for Android devices, iOS 8 by going to Settings > General > Using we can see the details of using the battery: what percentage of each application or the operating system is downloading the telfono. We might as well figure out how to save battery and what applications they put more strain.

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone (Find My iPhone) has been improved in iOs 8: quando la batteria si sta per esaurire l’app invierà automaticamente l’ultima posizione a iCloud. ICloud currently holds the information for 24 hours, but this information will be retained for longer.

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