MapPhotos: back to iOS7 geolocation of photos in iPhone style!

We liked the feature of the iPhone with iOS6 which allowed to see on a map where your photos were taken?
Do you have hundreds of photos and they are looking for a particular? Well, with MapPhotos all your pictures will be shown on a map, by zooming in on locations where you took the photo, you can see all the pictures in that place.

It is a great way to search your photos using the position as the search key if you remember where you took the photo at least!
As you can see below dall'immagina use is rather simple: the “Spilli” Reds indicate the area where you have taken at least a photograph; doing the zoom position becomes more accurate and you will see the photos taken at that place!
mapphotosAnd’ Also a nice way to be regarded vacation photos, and get-togethers with friends!
And the graphics faithfully reflects the old application for iOS 6 no longer available (unfortunately) for iOS7

What are you waiting for download? And’ free for iPhone, ipad!

MapPhotos Giuseppe Tanedo Category: Utility, Photos and videos
Evaluation: 4+
Version: 1.0.3