Venice water on Floor: the new app to check the tides and high water in Venice!

The provision of information on tides and high water in Venice has added a new experimental service, high-tech: is called WVF – Water on the Venice Floor, app for iPhone and Android free.

The service is designed and realized in the within of the collaboration between the institution tide prediction Center and Ar. But. Informatica snc and thanks to the company that has provided free Insula level mapping of public paved divided according to the share of the decking.

Thanks to a free downloadable application from the Apple Store or Google Play (below you will find links to the download), it will be possible in a rapid and intuitive access to information on the state of the tide and high water in Venice and real-time flood areas of the city.

High water in Venice is no longer afraid.

Thanks to the map of WVF we are able to identify the wet pavement at high tide in Venice. In RED color the traits of Corns and wet fields in the event of high water, all in real-time.

The application is the ideal tool to not get stuck in front of a flooded street and arrive at your destination without getting wet. WVF is the updated map in real time “roads” Venetian wet at different tide. WVF is organized in collaboration with the Institution and Reporting Tides Forecast Center of the town Venice, from which we read in real time the value of tide.

Compared to existing applications, in addition to reporting the measurement of the level of tide in figures, recorded with any frequency 10 minutes, WVF also release “the effect” of the share acquired on the conditions of viabilità flooring public, divided into different classes according to the share (10 cm class).

The user can then see if the point where he is on his way (or in any case of your interest) is submerged or less. The application publishes a map of Venice composed of a cartography of background (Bing, Open Street Map), that the user can navigate through the most common tools.

The project will fit into the WVF Tides Center continuously expand the services offered in the knowledge that mobile devices, reaching users in real time in all parts of the world, become more and more common and increasingly popular among all age groups. The problem of the tide in Venice will be so designed to integrate with the daily life of a user of enormous: for this, in the new project is expected to be present advertising that will reach a very wide audience.

This application is also a practical response to the requirements of the Smart City project (Intelligent City)

Water on the Venice Floor Weapon Data Category: Meteorology, Travel
Evaluation: 4+
Version: 4.1.2

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