Mark Zuckerberg participates with the staff of Facebook at the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco

The CEO and founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg attended together with 700 employees Facebook the parade of San Francisco Gay Pride Sunday 30 July.

Surely the founder of Facebook wanted to participate in a very significant moment in the life of the United States: as soon as the previous day, la Suprema Corte americana ha bocciato come anticostituzionale la legge a difesa del matrimonio eterosessuale (DOMA) “Defense of Marriage Act” sanctioning of the fact parità fra un matrimonio eterosessuale ed omosessuale and will void an Act of 1996 which denied federal rights to same-sex couples married in one of the states that allow same-sex marriage.

Mark Zuckerberg did not appear alone at the Gay Pride: has accompanied over 700 Facebook employees (think, over 15 % of the labor force according to Facebook Wall Street Journal !). Certainly stood out, because everyone wore a T-shirt specially designed purple or red and with the great logo of Facebook (as you can see in the photographs).

zuckerberg facebook gay pride
In fact, even the past years the employees had participated in an official capacity “Facebook” s Gay Pride previous, but this time, probably due to the presence of Mark Zuckerberg has created a group really huge, widely acclaimed by the crowd.

zuckerberg-parade1aEven other companies in Silicon Valley have participated such as Google and Apple to San Francisco Gay Pride, but surely the amount of people on Facebook and purple T-shirts have dropped overshadow the other big companies.

As if that were not enough, Facebook has changed the logo on large billboards around the campus to establish once again its support to the community LGBT, inserting a ring “rainbow” in the classic logo “Like“:

Zuckerberg really believe it or LGBT rights will be yet another publicity stunt?

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